The WLSFA is a nonprofit organization powered by Weight loss surgery patients & their supporters, Bariatric Surgeons & their practices, Hospitals and Corporations. Together we raise funds and gather resources to give away in the form of Surgery Grants to people denied access to the medical treatment of obesity.

The WLSFA defines the WLS Community as people who need or have had weight loss surgery of any type and the people who support them. Formed by and for the WLS community the WLSFA focus will always be on helping people in the WLS Community with their special needs. The board of directors of the WLSFA will always be composed of a majority of members who are them selves WLS patients.

The vision and mission of the WLSFA is to create a national “Network of Care” that brings together the Patient, Corporate and Medical Professionals to raise funds and resources to give away as surgery grants we call “Episodes of Care”

Bariatric and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons can refer their patients in need to our Grant Program. Guide lines for referral are available HERE.

Surgery Grant recipients will receive the funds they require, a year of follow up care from the Bariatric Practice who performs their surgery, surgery complication insurance, A years worth of bariatric supplements and community support form the WLSFA. Grant recipients agree to raise 10% of the funds they request and to “Pay It Forward” after recieving surgery by supporting the WLSFA.

The WLSFA goals include education for the public to understand morbid obesity and the tool of weight loss surgery.
The WLSFA and it members work as advocates for people effected by obesity.
The WLSFA will always strive to improve the lives of people in the WLS community.

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America was incorporated in the State of California on April 26, 2010. We received our 501(c)3 nonprofit status in October 2011. All donations made to the WLSFA are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Contact the WLSFA at:
Phone: 657-229-5732

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