billstreetman_coverThe WLSFA Welcomes Mr. Bill Streetman to our Board of Directors. Bill brings with him compassion, understanding and business acumen. Bill’s volunteer work for the WLSFA began the moment he became acquainted with our mission. Bill completed his first fundraiser this year after attending the national fundrasier in Nashville. Tour of Hope is Bill’s bike ride of hope for people in need of funds to recieve medical care to overcome obesity. Bill will host future TOH fundrasiers for the WLSFA and we look forward to growing our organization and benefiting from Bill’s talent and skills.


Bill spent 34 years as an energy efficiency consultant to the gas and electric utility industry, starting and managing several consulting firms, and managing large numbers of people and projects.  During his successful career, he unfortunately neglected his health and fitness, eating poorly and exercising rarely.  Obesity claimed him and by age 54 he weighed 404 pound and his future looked bleak.  On October 4th, 2010 Bill had the RNY procedure of weight loss surgery and using the tool of his GB, he lost half of his body weight (202 pounds) and not only reclaimed his life, but has taken every opportunity to use his new-found freedom from obesity to enjoy snow skiing, biking, running, soccer and tennis – activities he could no longer enjoy at 404 pounds.

WLSFA5K_2016eventHe also allocates time to helping others struggling with obesity and working on living a health life-style.  He is an active member of many WLS blogs and online communities and speaks at national and local WLS and weight loss conferences and gatherings.

Bill took his love for bike riding to new heights this past year when he rode first from Ohio to North Carolina (525 miles over the Appalachian Mountains) to speak at a weight loss conference, and then nine months later he designed and rode the Tour of Hope, a 470 mile ride from Ohio to Northern Michigan that raised donations for WLSFA.

Bill received his BS in Marketing & Finance from Franklin University, graduating summa cum laude.  Bill lives in Westerville, Ohio with his wife of 33 years, Colleen.  They raised three boys, Andrew (32), Terry (30) and Tom (29), who live in Ohio, Michigan and Korea respectively.


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