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Board Member Cari De La Cruz

Cari De La Cruz is a wife, mother, favorite daughter and little sister who hails from a long line of “natural” redheads and drama queens. Completely at home on the stage, she was always bigger than life–unfortunately, so was her butt. In 2007 she had gastric bypass surgery, lost half her body weight and began writing about her journey in a blog called “Bariatric After Life.”

Since then, she has committed herself to living in freedom from obesity and food addiction and openly shares her experiences through books, personal appearances and a robust online presence. She proudly joins the WLSFA Board of Directors to support a “Growing Community of Shrinking People” and hopes that one day everyone will have a chance to experience the same joy and serenity she’s gained in recovery from obesity.

Founder’s Message:
We are so happy to welcome Cari to the National Board of Director of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America. In 2010, before the formation of the WLSFA, Cari was already a contributing member of the bariatric patient community. Cari attended and indeed brought many valuable resources to the “Meet & Greet” in Las Vegas. She brought along her plastic surgeon Doctor Katzen and a table full of samples and products from a variety of bariatric suppliers like Celebrate Vitamins, Bariatric Advantage, CLICK etc. It was her work at that gathering that really sparked the idea that we as patients could gather together for a common good, benefit the attendees and raise funds for those in need. Cari has participated in many WLSFA activities as a welcome speaker but also behind the scenes doing many volunteer tasks. Welcome HOME Cari, we are grateful to have you. ~ Antonia Namnath

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