My name is Darla Black, I live in Portland OR, with my husband of 34 years Perry. We have 3 daughters and a son. I was a stay at home mom for 15 years. During that time I started volunteering. I volunteered for several non profit organizations and am still an engaged member of my community. I feel it is important that we give back and I enjoy helping others. I am an elementary school secretary and love my job, I get to spend my day with 600 plus kids, who wouldn’t love that. I also enjoy being active with family and friends. We kayak, camp, and hike, I’ve learned to embrace a hill instead of avoid it.

I had weight-loss surgery (RNY) 5 years ago. My driving force for surgery was the realization I was missing out on activities with my kids. Shortly after surgery I meet Laura Van Tuyl and introduced me to the WLSFA. I have attended 4 WLSFA conferences. I have enjoyed being able to volunteer and helping were ever it was needed. Also meeting so many other wls patients has changed my life. Being part of a community that has walked the same walk and has the same goal of living a healthy life has had a great impact on me and has helped with my personal accountability. I am currently part of a leadership team that holds quarterly support groups in the Portland Area. Also I am part of a team starting a WLSFA chapter in the PNW.

I am honored to be on the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America’s Board of Directors. I look forward to sharing my passion of service with others, and being part of an organization that helps give others the same opportunity I have had. I look forward to being involved at a level of service that has true life saving results.

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