VP of Community Relations

Laura is a Gastric Bypass patient and knows what it is like to live a life imprisoned by obesity. Seven years ago she took steps toward living healthy for a lifetime and has not regretted it one bit. She is committed to protecting her weight loss of a lifetime and strives to make healthy choices in the areas of: physical (food, exercise), social, intellectual and spiritual.

She cofounded Living Healthy for a Lifetime in order to help others discover paths of healthy living. Laura, and her very supportive husband, Larry, provide educational opportunities for people to come learn and grow at events such as the Daily Apps for Weight Loss Workshop, and the NW Weightloss Conference! This October Laura will oversee the fourth conference in the Portland, Oregon area.

Laura is a team player and loves working with those who have a shared purpose. Presently she has a team of 15 volunteers who are diligently working to put on the conference in October where 250+ are expected to attend.

In keeping with her desire to work on teams where members have a shared purpose, she would enjoy working together with the WLSFA team to bring assistance to those who struggle with the disease of obesity and are not able to cover WLS through insurance or personal finances.

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