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Grant Recipient Check In

One of the exciting parts of saving lives, one grant at a time, is watching our grant recipients as they follow the path to health after surgery.
Heather Hooker sent us an update on how she’s doing after her surgery in June of this year.
I was sleeved on 06/20/2014. This date changed my life and made me feel like a new person. Before surgery I wasn’t able to live life as a 30 yr old I felt like I was 90. My rheumatoid arthritis was out of control and my fibromyalgia flare-ups were becoming impossible to live with. I had trouble with daily task and missed out on doing things with my kids. Now here I am a little over 2 months out and I feel like a new person. I took my kids to a huge zoo and was able to walk for miles without stopping. I was able to keep up with my children and not have to listen to hold on mom has to stop AGAIN. I went to an amusement park and rode every ride there! To some this may not seem like a big deal but 3 months ago I wouldn’t have been able to even fit in some of the rides because of the bar not being able to lock. The rides that I would have fit on I wouldn’t have been able to get on due to my joint pain and medical problems. These are just 2 victories for me I could go on forever about how good I feel now. I have gone down 3 sizes in my clothes and I am no longer afraid to wear shorts in public! I can’t wait to see how my life is a year from now if I already feel this great not even 3 months out! Thank you so very much WLSFA and Dr. Merriman for giving me a new life!
Gina has also checked in to let us know how she’s doing.    She’s currently down over 100 pounds and is working with her surgical team to keep on track.  She’s in great spirits and is starting to feel better already.
We’ll have more news on all of our grant recipients in coming issues!
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