The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America is also referred to as WLSFA.
The WLSFA is the only nonprofit organization in the US funding grants for bariatric surgery.

Corporation Time Line:
April 26, 2010: Incorporated in the State of California
June 20,2010: WLSFA becomes Fiscally Sponsored Program of BLIS Foundation a 501(c) 3
October 14,2011: The WLSFA Received it’s IRS Determination Letter to become a 501 (c) 3 June 1, 2012:  Launch of the WLSFA Chapter Programs
December 1, 2012: Carnie Wilson joins the WLSFA as National Ambassador of Hope
WLSFA Grants Program:
#1 March 23,2011: Inaugural Weight Loss Surgery Grant– Mrs. Connie Bailey Dallas, TX Surgeons Team Dr. Garth & Robert Davis The Davis Clinic

#2 September 27,2011:   Inaugural Reconstructive Surgery Grant – Ms. Sarah Halbrook Phoenix, AZ Contributing Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon Team Dr.J. Timothy Katzen

#3 October 27,2011: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Mr. Jose Vedro, Oncola FL

#4 November 11,2011: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Mrs. Kimberly Grimes Plano, TX

#5 December 27,2011: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Mrs. Sheila  Springs Archer, FL

#6 February 16, 2012: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Mr. Darren King Salt Lake City, UT
Contributing Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Steven Simper Rocky Mountain Bariatrics

#7 August 22, 2012: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Ms. Mandy Gray Portland, OR
Contributing Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Emma Paterson Oregon Weight Loss Surgery

#8 January 28, 2013: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Ms. Jackie Jackson Louisville, KY
Contributing Bariatric Surgeon Dr. John Oldham – Bluegrass Bariatric Surgical Associates

#9 May 31, 2013: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Ms. Trudy Davis, ID
Contributing Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Steven Simper Rocky Mountain Bariatrics

#10 September 25, 2013: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Ms. Shanta Failey N. Charleston, SC Contributing Bariatric Surgeon Dr. T. Karl Byrne – Medical University of SC

#11 December 17, 2013: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Ms. Ronda Bauwens Lenexa, KS
Contributing Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Gerald Brice Hamilton – Bariatric Center of KC

#12 June 20, 2014: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Ms. Gina Buckingham Dallas, TX
Contributing Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Adam Smith Fort Worth Lap Band

#13 July 21, 2014: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Ms. Heather Hooker Shreveport, LA
Contributing Bariatric Surgeon Dr. George Merriman Freedom from Obesity Surgical Specialists

#14 December 6, 2014: Weight Loss Surgery Grant #1 Chapter GrantMs. Tiffany Torres Bristol, CT Contributing Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Makram Gedeon & Bristol Hospital

#15 April 27, 2015: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Ms. Vicki Funderburk Columbia, SC
Contributing Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Tribble Palmetto Baptist Hospital

#16 May 7, 2015: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Mr. Marl Clements Joplin, MO
Contributing Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Luis V. Gorospe Wagoner Community Hospital

#17 August 7, 2015: Reconstructive Surgery Grant – Ms. Zsalynn Whitworth San Antonia, TX
Contributing Surgeon Dr. J. Timothy Katez Serenity Recovery Center Beverly Hills CA

#18 August 17, 2015: Weight Loss Surgery Grant #1 FL Chapter GrantMs. Serena Debesa Tampa, FL Contributing Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Tiffany Jessee Sun Coast Bariatrics

#19 May 20th, 2016: Weight Loss Surgery Grant Ashley Morgan

#20 May June 8, 2016: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Jill Calhoun

#21 October 15, 2016: Weight Loss Surgery Grant -Marcella Rivera

#22  June 20th, 2017: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Alice Patterson

#23  Schedule July 24, 2018: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Denise Moore

#24  Scheduled 2018 TBA: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Ms. Amanda Santiago

#25  June 10th, 2018: Weight Loss Surgery Grant – Latina Coleman

Annual National Fundraising Events:
May 13,14,15 2011 Mother of All Meet & Greets Las vegas – First Annual Fundraiser
May 18,19,20 2012 Mother of All Meet & Greets Las Vegas – Second Annual Fundraiser
May 17,18,19 2013 Mother of All Meet & Greets Las Vegas – Third Annual Fundraiser
April 4, 5 & 6 2014 Mother of All Meet & Greets  Tampa Florida – Forth Annual Fundraiser
April 7,8,9,10 & 11 2014 Mother of All Cruises – Part of the Forth Annual Fundraising Event
April 10,11,12 California Dreamin’  San Diego – Fifth Annual Fundraising Event
May 13,14,15 Makin’ a Difference in Nashville –  Sixth Annual Fundraising Event
May 19,20,21 – Making a Difference in Portland Oregon – Seventh Annual Fundraiser

Ongoing fundraiser:

WLSFA medical ID Band Donation Program:

Surgeon Outreach Program:

Upcoming Fundrasiers:

WLSFA Stamp Out Obesity Virtual 5K Walk/ Run September 10-27th 2017

Media Contacts:
Send email to
Call: 415-234-9074

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