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Meet & Greet Photo Sharing

With over 300 participants showing up for this years Meet & Greet, there’s bound to be a few cameras floating around. We wanted to make it easy for everyone to share their experience with others so we’ve set up a photo sharing site that anyone can upload their photos to.

Say Cheese!

Just head over to dropevent.com and start uploading your photos! You don’t even have to sign up for an account (though doing so is free) in order to share your photos. There is even an email address you can use to submit photos from your smart-phone!

We know a lot of folks are hitting Vegas a day or two early, so feel free to share your photos from your sight-seeing as well. If you forget the link, just remember dropevent.com and search for “vegas” and you’ll find our shared event album.


  1. wow You have thought of EVERYTHING!!!!!

  2. Seriously…. you guys have totally outdone yourselves. I can NOT wait for this M&G. I can’t even begin to imagine how awesome it’s going to be!! ♥ Thanks for all of the hard work you guys have all done!

  3. Imma gonna do it!

    thanks for this source of getting my photo addiction uploaded


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