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Introducing Mr. Brian Jagger Guest Blogger

Brian Jagger Before and Now

This year we are adding guest bloggers to the WLSFA web site. Guest bloggers will post on a variety of topics and share valuable information with our WLS community. Our first guest blogger is Mr. Brian Jagger. If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger please send an email to Antonia Namnath for consideration.

Please welcome to the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America blog and information team, Certified Personal Trainer Brian Jagger. Jagger will be writing regular columns and featured articles on pre and post-weight loss surgery fitness and nutrition. We will be adding a “Ask the Trainer” feature where our members can submit questions to Jagger where he can respond for all members to benefit.

Jagger had RNY (gastric bypass) surgery in mid-July 2009 after reaching a heaviest weight of 316lbs. Shortly before, and dramatically after his surgery, Jagger became interested in and researched the nutritional and physical fitness aspects of life after weight loss surgery. Jagger began a customized fitness and nutrition program that helped lead him to lose 27% body fat in one year becoming what the doctors at Kaiser Permanente in South San Francisco call one of the most physically “successful RNY patients from (their) program”.

Jagger continued his weight loss and fitness success by continuing in to a more formal training program and becoming a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (acefit.org). Since the beginning of 2011 Jagger has started a TV/film acting career and has appeared in over seven short films as well as a few nationally broadcast cable televisions shows. Jagger can be seen as various characters during the third season of Investigation Discovery’s hit show “I (Almost) Got Away With It” as well as in a principal role in the second episode of the Discovery channel’s new show “Faked My Own Death” premiering in fall 2011. His full-time occupation is as a in-club personal trainer in Northern California as well as a via phone/internet virtual trainer/coach for people from all around the country. Jagger is also a regular guest speaker for the Kaiser Permanente WLS lifestyles class speaking on post-operative fitness and nutrition.

Though Jagger will be the first to admit it hasn’t all been positive, and that there are definitely some negatives both mentally and physically to weight loss surgery, he hopes he will be able to help as many weight loss surgery clients as possible to navigate through the pre and post-operative waters.

For more information, please email Brian Jagger, CPT at thewlsfitcoach@gmail.com

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  1. Awesome to have guest bloggers! Welcome Brian! I look forward to reading your posts and learning more about you!

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