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Calling all Authors! Connie Stapleton wants to help us write a book!

Have you ever thought about writing a book? “We all have a 500 page book in us” says successful author of
Eat it Up Connie Stapleton, Ph.D., who is a licensed psychologist and owner of Mind Body Health Services in Augusta, GA (www.mindbodyhealthservices.com). Connie is certified in addictions counseling and works closely with local bariatric surgeons, conducting pre-surgical interviews for potential surgical weight loss patients. She follows up with extensive therapy after weight loss surgery.

After viewing the WLSFA Documentary Surviving to Thriving Connie offered to write a book and donate the profits back the the WLSFA! Connie’s idea is to gather stories from our WLS community and bring the stories together to form a book, similar to Chicken Soup for the Soul.

How you can contribute:

1) Please send us your 5 or 6 page typed story in the form of a word document.
Send us your story about what lead to you becoming morbidly obese and what was your breaking point?
2) At the bottom of your story please include the follwing information:
Your Full Name and Age
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
If you want to be Annonymous send us your “Pen Name” Example: Sleepless in Seattle
3) Email your story to Book@wlsfa.org

NEW! We now have a form to submit your story!

Please Click Here to access the Story form
4) After we receive your story, we will contact you if your story is selected for the book and we will send a release form for you to authorize the WLSFA and Connie Stapleton to publish the story and give us the right to use the story at no charge. All profits from the sale of the book are to be donated to the WLSFA as a fundraiser.

New Update from Doctor Stapleton about out BOOK! Help her tell OUR story!


  1. Thank you, Toni! I am so excited about doing this book! This is a chance for anyone who has had weight loss surgery to “give back” to the WLS community. Knowing others have had similar experiences to your own often helps us to feel more “okay” about things we have gone through. It will be a privilege to get to read the stories submitted by those who have had weight loss surgery. I look forward to reading YOURS! Thanks in advance! Connie

  2. What if you haven’t had surgery yet and have been trying to have it for, oh say, six to seven years?

    • Your story is welcome. The book is not about weight loss surgery, it is more about Obesity, and how each of us feels about how and why we became obese, what was the root cause and trigger to want to change.

  3. I filled out that form and clicked submit. I’m not sure if it went through though??? I certainly don’t mind sharing my story. Can someone tell me if it went through?

  4. How long will yo be accepting submissions? I would love to participate :)


  5. and the book will be copyrighted in whose name? And will be published by what publishing house and is it already under signed contract? And each contributor will have their copyright notice on their story? And you are asking for which rights from each contributor? And if this book is to be self published, who will pay for it? Thanks a lot.

  6. could you please give me your email address so I can send you my story…I cant get it to work here from Canada at cstapletonphd@gmail.com much appreciated.


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