As you can see from this photo taken October 3rd, Sarah is feeling much better and healing well. Dr. Katzen gave Sarah the good news that she is doing well and will be able to return home in just a few days. Sarah shared this photo of her and Dr. Katzen after her check up. We are so happy to see both of those smiles!

Update all is well Sarah had her surgery and is on the mend! Everything went well thanks to the Dr. J. Timothy Katzen. Sarah and her mom Cathy are going to spend the next two weeks in recovery near Dr. Katzen. Dr. Katzen worked nine hours to perform Sarah’s 360 body lift surgery. The WLSFA, Sarah and our community are so grateful!

On September 27th Sarah Halbrook will have reconstructive plastic surgery. A circumferential body lift to be exact. This surgery is made possible by the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America’s Grants Program. Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. J. Timothy Katzen will perform Sarah’s surgery.

Dr. Katzen

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen

I am honored to help Sarah complete her weight loss journey. The circumferential body lift will permanently remove excess skin, transform her body, and give her a brand “new” life. I fully support WLSFA and their activities. The WLSFA is a wonderful association dedicated to empowering people to complete their weight loss journey. Also the WLSFA is creating a national “Network of Care” which is a great referral source for all weight loss patients. I am truly honored to be a part of the WLSFA– Dr. J. Timothy Katzen

Dr. Katzen is a hero to the WLSFA. His support of the mission of the WLSFA has helped us find the early success we have enjoyed. As a speaker at our annual fundraising event, Dr. Katzen helped educate our attendees about reconstructive surgery. Everyone left his talk and consultations feeling hopeful! Dr. Katzen specializes in reconstruct plastic surgery. You can learn more at his practice web page at We are so fortunate to have him in our community!

This is the second grant the WLSFA has funded. The entire board of directors is excited for Sarah as she completes her Journey to better health! Weight Loss Surgery gives people the tools they need to lose weight and keep that weight off. For many post op WLS patients, reconstructive surgery to remove excess skin is the final step in their journey to health and feeling “Normal”. Sarah is extraordinary already, we can not wait to see what the future holds for this amazing woman!

From Left to Right: Sarah Halbrook, Antonia Namnath and Andrea Carey at the 2011 Mother of All Meet & Greets

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