A sincere thank you to all who volunteer and donate to the WLSFA from Sarah Halbrook, Grant Recipient.

Yes you can help the WLSFA! In these hard economic times many of us do not have money to donate. We can still pay if forward by becoming Ambassadors for the WLSFA. What does an ambassador do? They help others become aware of the mission of the WLSFA. They spread the word about our grant program and our annual fundraiser. You can start today by printing the flier linked below and bringing it to places like your doctors office and ask them if they will display it in the waiting room so that all of their WLS patients will know about the WLSFA and our annual fundraising event. If you can, take a photo of it and you in the office and send it to us (info@wlsfa.org) and we will post it in our Show You Support Gallery here in the web site!

Click Here To Become an Ambassador of Hope for the WLSFA!

Michael Tow of Bariatric TV produced this great Promo from interviews he filmed along with interview filmed by Tad Barker and Connor Byers from this years 2011 Mother of all Meet & Greets. Lot s familiar faces sharing there thoughts about the fundraising event. Join us again in 2012!

Click HERE for details about the event and how you can join us in May 2012!

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