How is it possible 2011 is almost over? It feels like yesterday we were all together in Las Vegas celebrating our inaugural grant recipients Connie and Sarah! Today our FIFTH grant recipient Renda, is having her Gastric Bypass Surgery as I type this message! What an amazing year 2011 turned out to be. Together we humble WLS Peeps raised tens of thousands of dollars to fund the five grants. We can hold our heads high, knowing there are real people out in this world that we have helped get surgery! Our Goal is to double the amount of grants for 2012. We know with your support, continued help spreading the word about the WLSFA to your friends, surgeons and support groups we can make that goal and possibly surpass it!
The Entire Board of Directors of the WLSFA THANK YOU ALL for your continued support!

And now a word from Elvis who will be performing for us at the Saturday Night Gala at BALLY’s

Travis Allen was voted #1 Elvis Impersonator in 2009. We are very happy he was available to perform at the 2012 Mother of All Meet & Greets! Elvis is not only performing for us but he also made a donation to the WLSFA and filmed this awesome shout out! To top it off one lucky WLS peep will be serenaded by Elvis, who will that peep be? It will be the Winner of our Saturday Night Gala "BLING OFF" Contest!

Please watch the video below to get a wonderful preview of Elvis in action!
Click here to book Elvis for your next shin dig!

Important Dates

  • December 31.2011 is the dead line to get early bird discount pricing on the 2012 Mother of All Meet & greet Tickets! Get tickets here:
  • VIP Drawing also on December 31, 2011 AT 5:00 PM PST 7 PM CST and 8 PM EST We will draw the winning name of the VIP Package Winner. The names are the first 200 people who bought tickets for the Meet & Greet. We still have 10 slots open so you can still get in on this contest!! view the drawing LIVE on the web at this URL:
  • VIP Package includes the following:

  • Two Meet & Greet Tickets ( You will receive a refund for your purchased tickets )
  • A hotel Room for two at Bally’s for two nights during the event
  • Two Round Trip Coach Class Airline Tickets
  • Limo Service to the hotel from the airport and back
  • VIP Access cards to all eight Caesar’s properties (get into any show or restaurant with out reservations, and get access to secret VIP lounges!)
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    • Deb C.

      says on:
      December 22, 2011 at 4:56 pm

      I am really looking forward to going to the Meet and ?Greet in 2012. I had purchased a ticket for this year’s but was unable to attend. Have my room and ticket booked for this one too. Hopefyully there will be no last minute changes in my plans. Even have my fiance coming with me (gotts get him a ticket tho). Who knows, maybe we’ll be going as VIPs!

      Keep up the great work that you do. See you in May!