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WLSFA releases it’s 2012 Logo Charms!

We are so excited to have our 2012 Logo Charms available! This fundraising program was started last year when we released the Logo necklaces that are all sold out. This year we had a Pewter Charm created by a wonderful company called Charity Charms. Click HERE to get your charm today!

In other news…..

We have just over 100 days until the Mother of All Meet & Greets in Las Vegas! Our Hotel rooms are almost sold out so please book your room soon!
Get you event tickets BEFORE 2/29/1012 to get the extended early bird pricing! Click HERE now to book your room and get tickets! We will sell out again this year. Speaking of that THANK YOU to the hundreds of people who have already gotten their tickets and rooms! We will have a whole host of amazing activities, speakers, awards and surprises!

2012 Mother of all Meet & Greet Exhibitors and Sponsors as of today are:
Allergan –Two Time Platinum Sponsor
Bariatric Advantage – Two Time Gold Sponsor
BariWear – New for 2012
BCS Coleen Cook – New for 2012
Bell Plantation PB2 – New for 2012
Big Train Fit Frappe’ – New for 2012
BJ Bariatrics
Blender Bottles
Body Media – New for 2012
Building Blocks Vitamins – New for 2012
Celebrate Vitamins – Two Time Gold Sponsor
Core Omega
Dr. Alejandro Quiroz, M.D. – New for 2012 – Professional Sponsor
Dr. Michael Pickart, M.D. – New for 2012 – Professional Sponsor
Dr. J Timothy Katzen, M.D. -Two Time Professional Sponsor
Dr. Joseph Michaels, M.D.– New for 2012 – Professional Sponsor
Flat-D – New for 2012
It Works Body Wraps
New Whey Nutrition
Obesity Help
Premier Nutrition
Protica – New for 2012
Synovis – New for 2012 – Professional Sponsor
UDI’s Gluten Free Breads – New for 2012
Wellesse – New for 2012 – Professional Sponsor

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America is a 501(C)3 Public Charity
If you have questions please contact the WLSFA:
On the web: http://wlsfa.org
Phone: 657-229-5732
Email: info@wlsfa.org

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  1. Sorry, i would love to join the festivities but saving my pennies for my VS Hope it is a fun weekend with great sucess

  2. Ordered my wlsfa charm bracelet tonight.. under my husband’s name..Can’t wait til I receive it by mail :)
    Please keep me posted if any necklaces become available ever again.. Wanted 1 so badly & by that time funds were non-existing.. I told hubby tonight I was ordering these 2 no ifs ands or buts involved..i was due to have my surgery 4 years ago..if i can’t get it done due to ongoing issues in my life & familiy i can at least show my nonstop support for something that I truly believe in with all my heart & soul.. ♥ Keep up the OUTSTANDING WORK & SUPPORT Toni!!! Hugs xo Kimberly

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