I almost do not know where to begin there is so much to share! First let me remind everyone that the Early Bird pricing for the 2012 Mother of All Meet & Greets ends on February 29th! If you have not done so already please get your ticket and book your room at Bally’s soon. LINK The hotels rooms are selling out fast!

It is 2012, and we are starting to select our grant recipients!
From August 2011 until January 31,2011 the WLSFA accepted Application from referred patients who needed full episode of care grants to allow them to have weight loss or reconstructive plastic surgery. We are still reviewing application and will announce additional grant recipients in the weeks to come.

Darren with his wife and adorable sons!

The Executive Committee presented finalist Darren King to the Board of Directors for consideration and he was awarded the first grant for 2012. Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Steven C. Simper of Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians in Salt Lake City Utah, referred his patient to our Grant Program. The surgery will take place in March of this year at Mountain Star St. Mark’s Hospital LINK with Dr. Simper performing the surgery. We will post more about Darren’s story in the weeks to come.

Dr. Steven C. Simper

Please go to Darrens You Tube Channel and Subscribe to his videos to show your support! http://www.youtube.com/user/Bariatricboy/videos

In Darren’s own Words:
“Where do I even begin to put into words the gratitude that I feel. I have struggled since the day I submitted my application, as to how I could express it, and make a full impact. As a semi young father my focus has turned from myself to my family. What could I do to ensure my Children, and Wife were happy, healthy, and supported. But as I did this I masked who I felt I was. I have always tried to hide behind something, whether it be my work, or a desk, or in my room. Or pretending that being a good provider would take the focus off of me and my physical appearance. But a my Boys get older, and want Dad to participate in activities, and dad doesn’t want to because I felt tired and fatigued. Going to an amusement park and my boys wonder; Why isn’t Dad coming on the ride? I pretend I’m afraid, or ill, I might get sick, but deep down inside I know it’s because I won’t fit in the seat, and I don’t want to embarrass my family. I have Struggled with weight since after high School. I have known that barring a miracle I would be obese all of my life, and it at some point it would kill me. I have tried all of the Fads, Program diets like Weight Watcher, Atkins, HGC, While they all worked in their own way, I would always gain all of it back plus some. I truly believe in this program, I believe in The Doctor. And I believe in the WLSFA it is truly amazing that a foundation could be so Selfless, and truly care about the people that they are helping. I don’t know that I could ever say anything that would express my feeling towards you. So with that I will simply say Thank you from the bottom of my heart. For allowing me to continue to be Dad, and Husband, and Employee, and now An ambassador for the WLSFA, and I hope that I may have the opportunity to take place in effecting someone else’s life. Thank you for this amazing opportunity, I can’t wait. ~ Darren King”
We are excited for Darren our Sixth Surgery Grant Recipient and will post many additional updates in the weeks to come ~ Antonia Namnath

Updates about our Annual Fundraiser – it’s how we fund these amazing grants!
As we get closer and closer to the Mother of All Meet & Greets, the attendee list is getting more and more exciting!

Doctors Garth and Robert Davis

The agenda LINK looks amazing and we have so many wonderful people joining us. As you all know the surgeon who preformed our Inaugural Granted surgery was none other than Dr. Garth Davis and his Father Dr. Robert Davis of the Davis Clinic in Houston Texas. Many people know about thes doctors because of their very popular television show Big Medicine that ran on the Learning Channel for several years. Dr. Robert Davis and the Jamie Carr,Executive Director of the Davis Clinic will be with us in Las Vegas and will be presented the Founders Award on Saturday night! The Founders award is given to individuals and businesses that joined the WLSFA network of care in our inaugural year. Dr. Garth recently started updating a face book page with helpful information for post ops LIKE the page to get his updates! https://www.facebook.com/drgarth If the page gets 10,000 likes it may even help get the doctors back on TV. We never know how many people can be helped by a realistic show about weight loss surgery!

Amelia AKA MassageGoddess on You Tube

Some other familiar faces will be with us in Las Vegas, My personal WLS Mentor, Amelia Hall AKA MassageGodess http://www.youtube.com/massagegoddess will be enjoying the event this year accompanied by her Mom. I know that many WLS Peeps that had surgery between 2008 and 2010 most likely found Amelia on her you tube channel and we learned so much from her very intense journey! I am still learning from “MassageGoddess” and I know how many of us are excited to say hello and thank you in person this year! Amelia is currently working hard to loose some regain and is is an amazing contest. You can help Amelia by voteing for her daily. Click HERE This is an easy way to support a fellow WLS patient!

We want to give a special Thank You to Allergan, a Platinum Sponsor of the Mother of All Meet & Greets. Allergan Health makers of the Lap-Band has earned a special place in the hearts of our foundation because they truely support the mission of the WLSFA. Allergan joined our “Network of Care” last year and have recommitted their support for 2012. It is sponsorships like this that make the entire Meet & Greet a successful fundraiser and allows us to use every penny from our ticket sales and exhibitor fees for Surgery Grants! You can learn more about Allergan and their products at their web site HERE

Lastly we wanted to update everyone on some great new additions to our National Board of Directors, our Advisory Board and Our Chapter Program! We are very proud to announce we have added Ms. Sandi Henderson and Ms. Sarah Halbrook to our National Board of Directors! Both weight loss surgery patients, both true advocates for our foundation and the special needs of our community. Sandi a long term Lap Band Patient and Sarah a Gastric Bypass patient have always worked in the background supporting the WLSFA. We are so happy to have them join us in this official way and will be updating their full Bios’ on the web site very soon!
On our Advisory board we are joined by Dr. Garth Davis,and Jamie Carr both of the Davis Clinic and we have added Dr. Eric DeMaria who is also a Chapter President in Raleigh North Carolina.

WLSFA Local Area Chapters are on their way!

The Chapter program headed by WLSFA Board Member Laura Van Tuyl was launched in January of this year. We are still in the “Pilot Stage” and are quickly ramping up to launch chapters all over the united states. Local WLSFA Chapters will allow Bariatric Practices and Patients to raise funds to give grants for surgery in their local area! You can learn more about our Chapter Program at: http://wlsfa.org/wls-resources/
Until our next post we hope this message finds you all well.

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