Coming up at the 2012 Meet & Greet, we will be having a panel of men up on stage, answering your questions about life as or with a WLS post-op. The panel will be hosted by Rob Portinga of, Rob will present questions asked by YOU to the men of the panel for them to answer live, up on stage.

Read up about the Mighty Metabolic Men below, then use this form to submit your question. Rob will go through all the questions submitted and pick “the best” ones to put to the Mighty Metabolic Men, so be sure to come see them in Vegas to get your answers! Now’s your chance to ask the Men about their experience with Weight Loss Surgery or how they handle living with someone who has had it.

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The following men will make up the Mighty Metabolic Men Panel:

Ian McGagh

Ian McGagh

My name is Ian (aka baka) I’m a 45 year old husband and father of a four
year old baby boy. In July 09 I underwent Life Saving RNY Weight Loss Surgery weighing in at a less than Svelte 444lbs. Since being reborn I’ve lost over 250lbs.

Like many of you I did my due diligence researching the various surgeries and had so many questions – Thanks to the following Angels: Toni, Lynnda, Taunia, Beth (Melting Mamma), AJ, SarahWillBeSkinny and GBB (Cari) taking the time to answer my questions/concerns I felt comfortable choosing surgery.

I know I wouldn’t be here living my life to the fullest and being the father and husband I had dreamed of without their help and for that I’m truly
grateful. I can never thank them enough for helping Aidan have a daddy as he grows up.

Early on in my journey I became disillusioned with the nastiness you see on certain places on the WLS www. Thankfully I found a safe harbor and second family/home on the BTV forums. I spend majority of my time on the BTV forums helping as much as I possibly can by paying it forward.

Thanks to my new healthy Lifestyle I’m able to exercise like a demon and compete in sprint triathlons and 5k’s – I still hate running with a passion
and draw the line at anything over 5k – But, I love to swim and ride my bike and have become a gym rat too.

I also love to push the envelope and do crazy things like: Sky Dive, Jump off an 855ft building, Zip-line at 70mph just for fun and raise a few $$$
for the WLSFA at the same time.

My advice to baby-freaks:
Pay it forward any way you can and you will help save someone’s LIFE – It doesn’t get much better than that!

When it gets tough remember the following: WLS it’s a Marathon NOT a Sprint.

Jamie Miles

Jamie MilesJamie Miles likes to say his life began once he started his Lap-Band process. In December of 2008, Jamie decided enough was enough and walked into a True Results seminar. In May of 2009 he had surgery and life began. He started following his own life’s ambitions and stopped living on the sidelines watching everyone else’s dreams come true. He’s has had (and still has) his share of struggles and “demons” to fight but his new found passion for life has helped motivate him to chase after every dream.

After being featured on the website as a testimonial patient, Jamie decided to take things a step further and follow his dream of becoming a full-time working actor. Since then, Jamie has been featured in a variety of movies, television series and TV commercials and has also been an on-air product demonstrator for the local news, and hosted a small local cooking show called The Cooking Show. Some of his other credits include Trust Automotive, The Walking Dead, Empire Heating & Cooling, Drop Dead Diva, For Colored Girls, the remake of Footloose and BET’s The Game. In February of 2012 Jamie was nominated one of Atlanta’s Best Bachelor’s of 2012 by Fenuxe Magazine, a national LGBT magazine.

Bob Badore

Bob BadoreMy name is Bob and I am 35-year-old father of four gastric bypass post-op.  I had my gastric bypass in 2004 at Tufts New England Medical Center by Dr. Michael Tarnoff.  Prior to surgery I weighed 380 lbs and within 6 months of surgery I lost 200 lbs to my current and sustained weight of 187 lbs.

I come from a large family of post-ops, where my wife Melting Mama (Beth) had surgery 1 month prior to me and lost 170 lbs, as well and my mother and sister both had gastric bypass three years ago.

Having the luxury of being a patient and the spouse of a post-op has allowed me to gain the support needed to be successful.  Today, I do struggle somewhat with food, but I always remember what I was and how I never want to be that person again, because going back even after surgery is easy.

Michael Towe

As the husband of BariatricTV’s Toni Towe, Michael Towe is a self proclaimed “Normal Stomach Boy” living in a household of bariatric post ops since 2004. He’s been there during the ups, the downs, the bumps and the dumps. And by the time his daughter Danielle had her surgery in the summer of 2011 he had become an expert at answering the question. “Am I as big as her?”

Michael Towe

Having gone through the joys, fears and yes even the petty insecurities of watching a wife go through weight loss, Michael can give you some insight into the dark recesses of you’re husbands brain.  But more than that he can also bring you insight into what goes through the mind of a father as he watches his daughter go under the knife for the same life changing surgery.

Andrew LeClair

Breaking nearly all of the documented long-term weight-loss records, Andrew Leon LeClair has maintained a successful weight-loss of 150 pounds for an unprecedented thirty two years as a result of bariatric surgery.

The challenging reality of his youth and family life set the tone for his accelerated path to childhood obesity. Because he was unwilling to accept limitation or defeat, he chose to take control of his life, rearrange his priorities, and find a long-term strategy to overcome obesity and achieve success and happiness. At the young age of 19, Andrew underwent his roux en y procedure and began the journey of managing his own nutrition and fitness. Today at 50 years old, Andrew is a long distance runner and completed the Boston Marathon in 2008.

With twenty three years of professional experience, Andrew is an accomplished international interior designer, who designs luxury hotels worldwide for one of the Top 10 International Interior Design Giants. Andrew has battled weight gain and loss, along with an array of other personal struggles, which was his motivation to write his first book, “One Foot In Front Of The Other, A Man’s Journey Away From Obesity”. Andrew’s goal is to share the valuable lessons he has learned along his personal and professional journey, and he hopes to inspire his readers to achieve a lifelong path to physical fitness and emotional health.

Rob Portinga

After hitting a high weight of over 380 pounds put a damper on one of the things I loved doing… playing paintball… I finally realized I needed some help. That help came in the form of roux en-y gastric bypass on April 8, 2009. That decision really did change my life. Taking what I learned during my weigh loss, I transformed nearly every aspect of my life. I’m more active than ever, with paintball, biking, running, and more.

Rob Portinga

I went from a career in construction management to starting a business as a health coach, being on the radio, speaking at conferences and more. I continue to volunteer to work with others through my surgeon’s office and “pay it forward” in every way that I can, and of course I continue to try and bring the dude’s perspective to all this through – I look forward to seeing friends, old and new, as I make the trip out to Vegas for the third time this year.

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