April,9,2012 Dr. Simper, Daren King, Jeff Haaga and St. Marks Hospital made the headlines!

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“My insurance would not cover my surgery. I got desperate,” said King, who has struggled with his weight since graduating from high school in 1998. His application to the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America said, “I have known that barring a miracle, I would be obese all of my life, and at some point it would kill me …”
He learned in late February that he had been approved. “It’s impossible to put a value on what I’m receiving. They’re giving me the gift of life,” he said. “They’re giving my children and my wife their dad and husband back.” ~Darren King WLSFA Grant Recipient

How exciting is this? We are so pleased that the media is covering our Grant Recipients and helping us raise awareness for the foundation, for the medical treatment of Obesity and Diabetes and for the wonderful medical professionals who have joined our network of care. The Utah Chapter is Joined by The Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians Physicians and Dr. Steven Simper. “We are thrilled with the study results and hope that people understand just how life saving weight loss surgery is. Type 2 Diabetes is so damaging to the body and the cost to our society for treating all the related health issues is in the billions. We hope this study will help push insurance companies to add medical treatment for obesity into their standard policies. Imagine you had Type 2 Diabetes and suffered from obesity and then you discover your insurance exempts weight loss surgery. We hear from people everyday who feel they were given a death sentence. It is why the WLSFA Grant Program exists.” ~ Antonia Namath CEO of the WLSFA. Read about the study HERE

Chris Stevenson had Roux-en-Y gastric bypass to resolve his Diabetes and Obesity. His sugeon was Dr. Sherman Smith also from Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians over 3 years ago. Here’s his story…

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