They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I agree! What this picture DOES NOT TELL YOU is it was only HALF of our attendees! This “Class Photo” was taken Sunday Morning on the last day of the 2012 Mother of All Meet & Greets after a fantastic Zumba Class lead by Banded Wendy and Ms BeBe. I wish I had a crystal ball and that hind sight could be foresight because I am never exactly happy with how things go. We were happily surprised how many peeps showed up Sunday morning! Next year we PROMISE to do the Class Picture Saturday Night! That being said, we have had some great feed back about the event and will roll out details about the 2013 Mother of All Meet & Greets by the end of July. For those who attended we will be sending out a survey for your input to help us make the next event even more magical! I know that for many the happy memories that were made will last a life time. All of us at the WLSFA hope you know just how honored we are that you made the effort to join us this year and that money we raised has already funded a surgery (Darren King) and is about to fund Mandy Grays surgery in early August. That is the BOTTOM LINE Saving lives, one grant at a time!

Speaking of Grant recipients, it was amazing to have 6 of our 7 recipients with us in Las Vegas. They all got there by hook or by crook. Some used frequent flier milesand others drove! but they got there to say THANK YOU to US! I was moved beyond words to hug each one. Speaking of Grant recipients, Mandy Gray has begun working through the process of being a Pre-OP weight loss surgery patient. Mandy is working hard to do everything she can to lose 10% of her weight and to change her life style for success after surgery. Mandy has been posting updates on You Tube and Facebook and I hope each oe of you subscribe to her you tube channel and friend her on face book as well. Here are links to her accounts YOU TUBE FACE BOOK

~~It's the Climb~~~ Way to go Mandy!

Just last week Mandy completed a hike and shared her happy moment on top of the world with us. I hope you all take time to connect with Mandy and follow her amazing journey to health!

We also have an updated picture from Grant Recipient Darren King. He has lost over 125 pounds since surgery and looks so great. Darren also hosts a you tube and face book page where you can support him and follow his journey! Please click these links to subscribe and friend Darren FACE BOOK YOU TUBE
Renda Springs is also doing very well since her weight loss surgery. Every time we communicate on face book I am tickled to hear how happy she is and how much better she feels. Her progress is right on track and I hope she knows how proud we are of her. Our grant recipients are great ambassadors for the WLSFA but also for the medical treatment of obesity it does save lives and we are all proof of that! Here is Rendas Facebook page Please go Friend today! FACE BOOK

Rosemary, Alfred and Inaugural Grant Recipient Connie

This recent photo of our Inaugural Grant Recipient Connie Bailey with her Husband Alfred and identical twin sister Rosemary was taken at the Meet & Greet at our Saturday Night Gala. It sure is getting hard to tell the twins apart! This picture really tugs at my heart because when I learned about Connie’s 10 year battle to have weight loss surgery the idea of these sweet sisters becoming identical again ignited my vision to create the WLSFA! We are all so proud of you Connie as you are about to enter ONDERLAND! On that day we should all DANCE!

To wrap up this post let me humbly ask that you all consider donating to the WLSFA. Every penny counts and we have many wonderful items you can get if you make a donation. Please click THIS LINK to see your options. As a reminder, we are again taking Grant Referrals and Application. We opened the Grant Cycle on June 1 and will take applications until December 31,2012. For more information CLICK HERE
Untill I post again ~ Antonia

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