Exciting news! The WLSFA has a new chapter forming in the Pacific Northwest! If you are in that beautiful part of the world please join them at their Inaugural meeting in Seattle!

WHEN: August 25, 2012 at 11:00 – 1:00 pm
You can get in on the ground floor as the new chapter is forming NOW!
We are going to be working towards raising funds to help break the chains of obesity in the lives of people in the Pacific NW.
If you live in Washington or Oregon come and be a blessing to those who need surgery – and save lives!
WHERE: The Coast Gateway Hotel
18415 Iternational Blvd. Seatac, WA 98188
(you may need to put Seattle in if using GPS)
(206) 248-8200
If you decide to stay at the hotel, when making reservations, ask to speak with Tanya or Michelle, and indicate you are part of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America Event to get the DISCOUNT rate of $99 per night.

For more info call: 971-208-3173

11:00 am Lunch begins! It will be served 11-11:30, so be sure you come right on time. We have a drawing for everyone who arrives by 11:00!!!

During our time together we will get to know each other, learn more about the chapter and what we are going to do to raise funds for surgery grants, and hear from Dr. Harris (Puget Sound Surgical Center).

1:30 pm Meeting ends. After the meeting is “officially” over Dr. Harris will be giving free consultations at the hotel. If you are interested in signing up now for a consultation contact Tina Brown: Patient Facilitator (Cell: 206-227-4123, Office: 425-778-2220. www.pugetsoundsurgicalcenter.com

A special thank you to Puget Sound Surgical Center for providing our lunch! This will free us all up to become official members of the Pacific NW Chapter! To come to our meetings you do not have to be a member, but a membership of $25 will give you a WLSFA Logo Charm bracelet!

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America is a 501(C)3 Public Charity
If you have questions please contact the WLSFA:
On the web: http://wlsfa.org

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