Beginning January 2, 2017 Carnie Wilson will compete for the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America on “The New Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC. The new boss is Arnold Schwarzenegger. The show will be seen by millions of viewers each week and is an amazing opportunity for the WLSFA. Read NBC Offical Press Release

“This show will bring our charity into the homes of millions of viewers. We are so grateful to Carnie Wilson for being our National Ambassador of Hope since 2012. Carnie’s participation in Celebrity Apprentice will help untold numbers of people dealing with the issue of obesity.”~Antonia Namnath CEO and Founder  Bariatric surgery and other medical treatments of obesity remain elective in many insurance plans. The WLSFA mission is to fund grants to help people get medical care they need to overcome obesity.

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The WLSFA Thanks founding sponsor Celebrate Vitamins

The WLSFA.ORG is a 501(c)3 charity funding grants for medical treatments of morbid obesity.  We are proud to be a 100% volunteer organization with no paid staff or executives, 85% of every dollar raised go directly to our grant programs. Carnie Wilson is our National Ambassador of Hope. Carnie, a weight loss surgery patient volunteers her time to raise awareness and funds for the WLSFA. Carnie helped launch the #TAKETHEOATH  campaign to end obesity bullying forever. If you are a weight loss surgery patient, need help getting surgery or have questions, please contact us to today.


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