Its January!

The official month for fresh starts!

Is it only me who has a certain feeling of dread about new starts?

I believe it is because the time has arrived where we have to pay up on the promises we made during the holiday season to eat better, exercise and take better care of ourselves starting in January.

Yes, our body is at the door, reminding us that we owe it for the cookies from December 21st and its time to pay up.

Our culture’s love for buying now and paying later is probably most evident during the holiday season. We put toys, trinkets and trips on credit, with the intention of paying them off throughout the year. Often the same goes for the pigs-in-a-blanket marathon that we participate in over the holiday season.
As I sit here, having chosen not to run my daily run in 19 degree weather (I’m in Texas and I don’t use treadmills, happy to explain at another time), I have been thinking of the incredible amount of exercise and healthy food eating debt that I have accumulated during this season. The debt is snowballing in principal and interest as I shift back into being busy at work and the convenience of all of the Christmas candy still lying around.

I’ve come to understand that just as sometimes we overspend and put ourselves in tough financial situations over the holidays, we do the same things to our bodies when it comes to making promises to get healthy at (insert future date here).

We end up eating or drinking things we know we shouldn’t have with the internal promise that it will be nothing but carrots and broccoli for the entire month of January, only to reach January and experience the urgent need to finish up those leftovers before they go bad.

Carrots and broccoli in February anyone?

I think when we are real with ourselves, we know that putting off healthy habits is not just about the holidays.

How many times have we said –
“I’ll start Monday”
“I’ll start on the 1st of the month”
“I’ll start after the kids are in school or after this big project”

We are optimistic people . We are ALL about new beginnings. We believe in the power of hope and attach it to being able to eat the Reese’s pieces during Pitch Perfect 3 because we can just start over our diets within a matter of few days.

Is this what really happens?
Do we fail by Tuesday? Do we give up by the 5th of the month? Is there another big project or kid-related stress that becomes ice cream necessary. Those bags of Reese’s pieces from the theater are huge and one is staring at me from across the room right now.

Hey sexy.

And that isn’t my biggest offense, just this morning, I crumbled left over oatmeal cookies into my weight control protein oatmeal.

Add that to my missed run this morning and its:
Keeping up the holiday momentum: 3 Getting on track with goals: 0

So how do we stop the cycle I am calling the “future do-over” and prevent ourselves from becoming in debt to the food and exercise debt monster?

It’s a big question to tackle and here at WLSFA, we all have lived it and know it isn’t easy. Keeping the food and exercise debt monster away isn’t something that can easily be started and is even more difficult to maintain.

As with any goals set: guidance, accountability and help from those who understand play an important part in long term success.

As a community, we have been committed to providing that key support and are excited to launch this blog to help increase the opportunity for support from those who are living the challenges of success pre and post-WLS.

This blog, Reflections on Making a Difference, will provide encouragement along many channels necessary for success, whether that be food and supplement options, sharing our stories and talking openly about WLS journey.

Our hope is to make this blog, our first commitment for the New Year, a year-long thread of support and hope to keep us all on track and able to stay healthy today, so we don’t have to keep putting our tomorrows up for collateral.

NOTE: The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America is a 501(c) 3 Nonprofit Organization. We have earned the Guide Stars Platinum Seal of Transparency. The WLSFA is a 100% Volunteer Organization with no paid executives or staff. We are fellow weight loss surgery patients, paying it forward since 2010.

Questions? Please contact the WLSFA at 415-234-9074 or email us at

More about the Author

Jennifer Hill is a ten year obesity survivor, grateful for her RNY Bypass in 1997. The ten years have brought many highs, lows, celebrations and learnings and she looks forward to being able to help the WLS community and herself by contributing to the WLSFA community.


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