The WLSFA appreciates TLS’s My 600 Pound Life show because it shows just how difficult life can be for people affected by morbid obesity. The show also shows how the tool of weight loss surgery can help people overcome the disease of obesity. For the past three years the wonderful Zsalynn Whitworth known from her appearance on My 600 Pound life series, has been a featured speaker at our bariatric patient conference and fundraiser. It was at our event three years ago that Zsalynn met WLSFA supporter and world class plastic surgeon Dr. J. Timothy Katzen. Dr. Katzen was providing complimentary reconstructive surgery consultations and Zsalynn met with him. Dr. Katzen was so moved by Zsalynn’s story where he learned she had no way of funding her own reconstructive surgery to remove large amounts of skin after losing hundreds of pounds. Dr. Katzen wanted to help and offered to refer Zsalynn to apply for a WLSFA Grant. A year later Zsalynn was awarded a grant that funded her full body lift surgery. The surgery was featured as a follow up episode on My 600 pound life.  This year Zsalynn is speaking again and bringing along two cast members from the show My 600 Pound Life. We hope you join us in June to meet Zsalynn Whitworth, Christina Phillips and Melissa Morris. All three women will speak on a panel about the show, life after bariatric surgery and massive weight loss and what it is like to do that in the public eye.

Click HERE to Learn about the event June 1-3, San Antonio Texas

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