This month we are pleased to put Jodi “The Queen” Oldes in the WLSFA Board of Directors Spotlight!

If you’ve met Jodi, then you know the uniquely wonderful person that she is. It may be her golden body suit, or her red hair. It may be her ever-present smile – the one that always makes her look like she knows a secret that you wish you knew… or maybe it’s the way her gentle style and mannerisms cause people to drop their guard. It could be any or all of these things that cause you to instantly like her and want to be her friend.


Jodi Oldes, the reigning WLSFA Queen of Bling, has been around a bit in her 54 years. After being born and raised near Sacramento, California, she became a military wife (married to a service man in the US Air Force) and lived in Hawaii, Utah, and Colorado, before returning to the Sacramento area to raise her two daughters.

She has also held a wide range of jobs during her military wife period, including working a variety of government jobs, for laws offices, and in Christian radio. She currently works in Risk Management for a healthcare company. Jodi was awarded and holds an Associate’s Degree in Business and Paralegal Certification.

After returning to Sacramento, Jodi met and married Chuck Oldes in 2008. Jodi’s family includes Chuck (also an Air Force veteran), two daughters, four stepsons (with four daughter-in-law), and three grand babies (with another on the way). Jodi lists “Being a Grammy” as her #1 hobby and interest!

Jodi still likes to travel. When asked where her favorite places to visit or stay, she says simply: “Anywhere with room service, shady lounge chairs and cool beverages.

Jodi’s WLS History:

The procedure: – Gastric Sleeve
Age at WLS – 48
Where you had the procedure – Sacramento, CA
Your doctor/surgeon – Dr. Stephen Patching
The date of your procedure – June 27, 2012

HW – 300
SW – 272
CW – 147

Clothing sizes – then and now – 26/28 to 8
Experience with any regain – 18 lbs ish
Favorite foods – then and now – Pasta and Taco Bell still Pasta and Taco Bell!
Favorite exercise – then and now – Never been a fan, still not a fan. I would say circuit type training! Its better with friends.


So, now that we have learned a bit of Jodi’s background, lets interview her about her WLS Journey:

Question: Jodi, what were your thoughts that led you to WLS?

Jodi: Everyone except for me was doing it. I had lost weight SOOO many times and gained it back. I wanted something to help me lose it and KEEP it off. I needed a permanent tool.

Question: How about your thoughts and feelings as a pre-op?

Jodi: Hurry up and get here!

Question: How about the first days/weeks/months after surgery? How did you handle those days?

Jodi: Like I was on a mission!

Question: On a Mission! I bet you were. So what advice would you give to newbies?

Jodi: Do what your doctor and bariatric coordinator suggest.

Question: How has WLS changed your life?

Jodi: I now have a life!

Question: OK then, what is your favorite NSV experienced in this new life?

Jodi: Oh, Airline travel! Seat, seatbelt, navigating the thin rows, the walking, the standing. The feeling of not feeling bad about my weight and judgment from others. Playing on the play structures with my grandson is a close second.

Question: You are one of the newest members of the WLSFA Board of Directors. What are your feelings about the work of the WLSFA? and What is your role on the board?

Jodi: The WLSFA is a NON-PROFIT that is solely to give WLS Grants and that is HUGE in my book. Being a newbie on the Board, I have yet to find my nitch. But being present at Board Meetings, giving input and ideas while also shouting WLSFA from the rooftops will be my role until I find my spot.


How to Contact Jodi:

By eMail: or

On Social Media: Facebook and Instagram: justjodi916


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In Other News:

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