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It has been a desire of mine to ride my bicycle from my home in Ohio to my family lake house in Michigan… about 425 miles. In the past I was so overweight and obese that this type of adventure wasn’t possible. After losing 200 pounds from my 400 pound frame, I am now able to undertake vigorous activities such as long-distance bike riding. Therefore, I have decided that my long-held wish to ride my bike from my Westerville, Ohio home to my Gaylord, Michigan lake house has now become my goal – soon my plan, and on July 29th through August 5th will become my reality.

I am so very grateful that I had the resources to pay for my RNY gastric bypass, a tool that I have successfully used to lose over 200 pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the last five and a half years. As a means of sharing my gratitude, I am dedicating my ride to the and will be asking for financial donations. The ride will be live-streamed on the Internet and documented on all my social media. I will secure sponsors and ask them to promote the ride and fundraiser through their social media. The ride will be promoted to local press and press along the route.

Who Wants to Ride With Me?

Anybody and everybody – WLS or non-WLS – is welcome to join me for all or any part of the ride.   All I ask is that you promote the ride on your social media and help raise awareness of the obesity epidemic and the WLSFA.

Who wants to be a Sponsor?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Tour of Hope, please contact me at

Tour of Hope Map

Red circles are the stops we will make! South to North

Agenda/itinerary for the Westerville, Ohio to Gaylord, Michigan bike ride. Eight days, 426 miles.

Fri July 29 Day 1 – Westerville, OH to Bucyrus, OH. 53 miles. Motel? Still looking for a campground, etc.

Sat July 30 Day 2 – Bucyrus, OH to Van Buren, OH. 50 miles. Camp at Van Buren State Park.

Sun July 31 Day 3 – Van Buren, OH to Petersburg, MI. 59 miles. Camp at Totem Pole Pk Petersburg Junc.

Mon Aug 1 Day 4 – Petersburg, MI to Pinckney, MI. 46 miles. Camp at Pinckney Sate Park.

Tue Aug 2 Day 5 – Pinckney, MI to Ovid, MI. 58 miles. Camp at Sleepy Hollow State Park.

Wed Aug 3 Day 6 – Ovid, MI to Mt Pleasant, MI. 56 miles. Motel? Still looking for a campground, etc.

Thu Aug 4 Day 7 – Mt Pleasant, MI to Houghton Lk, MI. 53 miles. Camp at Houghton Lake Campground.

Fri Aug 5 Day 8 – Houghton Lake, MI to Gaylord, MI. 51 miles. Lake House/Motel in Gaylord.

Sat Aug 6 and Sun Aug 7 – spend the weekend at the lake house.

Let me know if you are interested in some or all of the ride/weekend in Gaylord.

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