Why start local chapters of the WLSFA?

  • Local WLSFA Chapters will allow WLS Patients and Bariatric Practices to fund grants for people in their towns!
  • Local WLSFA Chapters will be lead by WLS Patients & Bariatric Practices working together!
  • Local WLSFA Chapters will host fundraisers and collect membership fees to fund their local grants!
  • LocaL WLSFA Chapters are fiscally sponsored programs of the WLSFA and shares 501(c)3 Non Profit Status!

Meet Local, Give Local, Help save local lives! It is the Future of the WLSFA!

WLSFA Chapters are programs of the WLSFA making them part of our 501( c )3 non profit status.  Local chapters are important to the future of the WLSFA. The National WLSFA will always host fundraisers and raise funds for surgery grants however local chapters are important fundraising engines all over the country. Chapters  keep the majority of the funds they raise to fund grants for people in their community!

All WLSFA Chapters will have a minimum of one Bariatric and Plastic Surgery Practice connected to them. Chapters are lead by a local board (President, Vice president and Secretary) The chapter leaders are vetted by the WLSFA to make sure we have honorable, true leaders in those roles from the patient community. Bariatric practices can help us find leadership through their contact with the natural leaders of their patient groups.

How the chapters grow and raise funds: Membership Dues, Fundraisers and Sponsorships. The Bariatric and Plastic Surgery practices associated to a chapter ask their patients to consider becoming a member of the local chapter. The Patients in the chapter will also recruit and add new members.

The National WLSFA handles all the Monies and provides all the financial reports. Chapters do not have access to the WLSFA Bank Account. They are given a report each month on how much money they have raised for their chapter. Chapter Keep 75 cents of every membership dollar they raise and 75 cents of every fundraising dollar they raise (after expenses) The remaining 25 cents per dollar stays with the national WLSFA. It is used for administrative costs ( accountant and bookkeeping fees, Insurance and so on ) and the remainder goes into the national surgery grant fund. The national WLSFA fund grants for people in areas that do not have chapters and the WLSFA supports chapters to help them fund more grants.

If you are interested in starting a local chapter of the WLSFA Please download this application.

WLSFA Chapter Leadership VolunteerApplication
Print and complete the form and mail to:
417 Mace Blvd.
Suite J 236
Davis CA. 95618

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America is a 501(C)3 Public Charity
If you have questions please contact the WLSFA:
On the web: http://wlsfa.org
Email: info@wlsfa.org

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