Hi This is Antonia Namnath, founder of the WLSFA.ORG. I started making AMIGURUMI Dolls in 2015 for friends and family. I have decided to make them for people who donate to the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America as a personal fundrasier. I get many requests for dolls and I am happy to use my hobby to help more people get life saving medical treatments to overcome morbid obesity, a disease that almost killed me when I was 46 years old. Bariatric surgery saved my life and now because of the WLSFA 21 other folks have had surgery too!


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How can you get a AMUGURUMI DOLL and help save lives one grant at a time?
Simply donate $150.00 dollars (or more) to the WLSFA CLICK  HERE  TO  DONATE and  send me an email about the doll you would like. There are many patterns available on Pinterest or GOOGLE. Search on “AMIGURUMI Pattern” and add a word for what you are looking for (Dog, Girl Doll, Witch, Boat, Snoopy etc. )  Email me a link to the pattern or picture using toni@wlsfa.org  and I will do my best to make what you want!  I also charge the donor for shipping of the doll. Shipping can cost from $25 to $60 dollars so be prepaired for that! It takes me two to ten days or more to make the doll so expect a finished doll in 6 weeks weeks or less. I will let you know when you order the time frame.

Make sure to send me the following ( after you make a donation ) :


Cell number

Donation date and amount

Link to pattern or picture of doll

I DO NOT GUARANTEE  that you will like my creation but promise it was made with love!
I do not work on deadlines, I will make the dolls first come first serve. If I get many orders you may need to wait.  HINT: The biggest donations get my attention first!

This is my pesonal fundrasier for the WLSFA. Do you want raise funds for the WLSFA too?  We will post a page just like this if you have a craft  item you want to sell and give the donations to the WLSFA. Contact us and lets chat! We can all do something to help others enjoy lives free from morbid obesity right?



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