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Donation made in honor of
September 14,1999

This donation is in memory of my stillborn daughter, Sarah Katherine Taylor, who was taken to heaven too soon at 32 weeks gestation on September 14, 1999. Morbid obesity played a role in the loss of our beautiful baby. After the birth of our second daughter, Grace, in 2001, I was inspired to undergo bariatric surgery to treat my obesity. At nearly 10 years post-op (July 2012), I am thankful to Sarah and Grace for inspiring me to get healthy. I knew if I could survive the loss of a child, I could muster enough courage to face my fears and demons to fight this disease that stole so much from me. Thank you, Antonia and WLSFA, for helping others get healthy, too!
–Kimberly Taylor, The Davis Clinic, Houston, TX

Donation made in honor of

May 11, 1951 – January 24, 2012

I didn’t know Virginia as well as others, but I knew her enough to know she had a joyful spirit and unquenchable zest for life. We met four years ago in our bariatric support group (through Dr. LePort’s Bariatric Center of Excellence and Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center); she’d just undergone gastric bypass surgery and grabbed life by the horns. I journeyed along with her as she lost (at least) half her weight, and gained twice the happiness (if that was even possible!) Along the way, she fixed the things that she wanted to fix with reconstructive surgery, and, when she was done, the sparkle in her eyes shone a little brighter and the spring in her step danced a little lighter!

Her spirit was indomitable and her effervescence, contagious. She loved her Bariatric After Life almost as much as she loved her sisters (who also had bariatric surgery). She was a quiet champion, humble servant, and sweet inspiration to all who knew her

She was a breast cancer survivor who knew about second chances — so she wasn’t about to let this one get away from her! She lived life to the fullest, walking in OAC Walks from Obesity, going Country Western Line Dancing in Temecula, and cheerfully supporting every post-op she could at multiple support groups. She even encouraged me to go to my first yoga class (which I did, and loved!) and shared that — big or small — she’d never let her weight hold her back. It just happened that, with less of it on her tiny little body, she could do MORE of the things she loved with a certain infectious jauntiness.

That is truly how I will remember Virginia: A joyfully jaunty spirit whose beautiful smile captured your heart and never let go.
Ovarian cancer took you too quickly, Virginia, but you died as you lived: With utmost dignity, grace and humility.
I am better for having known you, and find peace in the sure knowledge that I will see you again one day.
I make this donation in your honor – that others might know the joy you lived before AND after weight loss.

God Speed, my sweet friend.
Eulogy written by Cari De La Cruz

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