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This is my challenge to me and to you, support my fundraiser and help me save lives and raise awareness for the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America, because together we are

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About The ‘Tour of Hope’

Bill ready to rideWelcome to the second annual Tour of Hope Bike Ride, dedicated to raising awareness of the epidemic of obesity, to highlighting the promise of weight loss surgery and to raise funds for surgery grants on behalf of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA).  This year the ride will be shorter on distance, but packed with scenery and adventure as we wind around mountains such as Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Saint Helen on our way from Seattle to Portland.  Again this year the ride is being planned and led by Bill Streetman and sponsored by Celebrate Vitamins.

The ride starts Monday May 15th from just outside SeaTac airport, and completes at the Hilton Towers in Portland on Wednesday May 17th.  Again this year the ride will be live broadcast from the road, and shared on social media by Celebrate, WLSFA and Bill Streetman.

Bill’s Dedication of This Year’s Ride

I had the distinct honor of having Glenn Garland as a friend.  Seven years ago Glenn was concerned enough about my health that he paid for part of my weight loss surgery. Glenn’s generous gift has helped me redefine my life, allowing me to craft a lifestyle that is both healthy and fulfilling.  I pay my thanks to Glenn by raising funds for the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America, where we provide surgery grants for people who cannot afford it and who do not have insurance coverage.  By helping another person secure the WLS tool they need to save their own life from the prison of obesity, I am recognizing my gratitude for what Glenn did for me.

This year I ride the Tour of Hope with a special purpose – to honor my friend and patron, Glenn Garland. While Glenn is unfortunately no longer with us, his philanthropy & kindness live on. May Eternal Light shine upon his soul, and Peace surround those who remember and miss him.

About Bill

Bill had gastric bypass on October 4th of 2010.  His weight at the time of surgery was 404 pounds.  Today Bill weighs in at a healthy 210 pounds and regularly participates in kickboxing, high intensity interval training, kettle bell, and weight lifting, as well as bike riding, skiing and hiking activities.  Today Bill is a regular speaker at weight loss and WLS conferences, is a frequent blogger on the topic of healthy lifestyles and weight loss after WLS, and has been elected a member of the board of directors of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America.

Who Wants to Ride?

Anybody and everybody is welcome to ride along on all or any part of the agenda.  All that is asked is that you promote the ride on your social media to help raise funds for WLSFA.  If you are interested, contact Bill Streetman at:

Want to be a Sponsor?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Tour of Hope, please contact Bill Streetman at:

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