The film, which was crafted by BariatricTV, documents an emotional, complex, and powerfully moving story of morbidly obese identical twin sisters Rosemary and Connie. Rosemary was covered by insurance and her life was dramatically changed as a result of her weight loss surgery six years ago.

Connie, desperately needing the weight loss surgery to improve her health, has been denied over and over again. The film illustrates the complexity of morbid obesity, the impact on a patient’s quality of life, and the struggle to escape it.

Additionally, Connie is highlighted as Inaugural Recipient of the Weight Loss Surgery Grant awarded by the WLSFA that finally made it possible for her to have weight loss surgery. Well Known Bariatric Surgeon and Author Dr. Garth Davis and Dr. Robert Davis of the Davis Medical Clinic in Houston Texas performed Connie’s surgery on March 23, 2011.

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