DarenNow_web page readyIn Darren’s own Words:
“Where do I even begin to put into words the gratitude that I feel. I have struggled since the day I submitted my application, as to how I could express it, and make a full impact. As a semi young father my focus has turned from myself to my family. What could I do to ensure my Children, and Wife were happy, healthy, and supported. But as I did this I masked who I felt I was. I have always tried to hide behind something, whether it be my work, or a desk, or in my room. Or pretending that being a good provider would take the focus off of me and my physical appearance. But a my Boys get older, and want Dad to participate in activities, and dad doesn’t want to because I felt tired and fatigued. Going to an amusement park and my boys wonder; Why isn’t Dad coming on the ride? I pretend I’m afraid, or ill, I might get sick, but deep down inside I know it’s because I won’t fit in the seat, and I don’t want to embarrass my family. I have Struggled with weight since after high School. I have known that barring a miracle I would be obese all of my life, and it at some point it would kill me. I have tried all of the Fads, Program diets like Weight Watcher, Atkins, HGC, While they all worked in their own way, I would always gain all of it back plus some. I truly believe in this program, I believe in The Doctor. And I believe in the WLSFA it is truly amazing that a foundation could be so Selfless, and truly care about the people that they are helping. I don’t know that I could ever say anything that would express my feeling towards you. So with that I will simply say Thank you from the bottom of my heart. For allowing me to continue to be Dad, and Husband, and Employee, and now An ambassador for the WLSFA, and I hope that I may have the opportunity to take place in effecting someone else’s life. Thank you for this amazing opportunity, I can’t wait. ~ Darren King”
Darrens Surgery was on May 30, 2012 Click this ling to read all about that exciting day! http://www.wlsfa.org/blog/2012/03/26/wlsfa-funds-its-6th-grant-surgery-is-this-week/ Today Darren is near his goal weight and enjoying life free from Morbid Obesity! The WLSFA Grant program helped Darren realize his dream and we are very proud of Darren as he will now participate in the WLSFA Utah Chapter to build a grant fund for others in Utah in need of financial help to receive weight loss surgery.

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