Inaugural Emergency Grant

GRANT FUNDED Surgery Date: October 17 2011

JJ Vidro, A 24 year old Nursing student from Ocala Florida was 5 month into his 6 month Bariatric program. Just weeks before his surgery JJ was informed by the hospital that he needed to pay his co pay in full before surgery or it would be cancelled and he would have to start at square one and go though another six month program. As a student, JJ did not have the resources to fund the co pay. He was heart broken but prayed for a miracle! Maria Fitspatrick became aware of JJ’s story and brought Mr. Vidro to the WLSFA’s attention. After some Executive level meeting the WLSFA Emergency Grant progam was created and we were able to fund a small grant to cover JJ’s Co Pay. His surgery is in just a few days!

In JJ’s own words:
“I’m 24 yrs old, and currently residing in sunny Ocala, FL. On September 26, 2011, I will be undergoing the Gastric Bypass Roux-ny surgery with Dr. Muhammad Jawad at the Ocala Regional Medical Center. This life-changing opportunity will only happen because of the WLSFA granting me the emergency funds to cover the cost of the co-pay, which I wasn’t able to afford. I am thankful for the WLSFA, and all of the board members, for making this dream become a reality. I struggled with obesity almost all my life and tried almost every diet & weight-loss pill, to only go consistently up and down in my weight. Therefore, I chose to pursue WLS because it’s been successful for many people struggling with obesity.” – JJ Vidro

What is the purpose of the Emergency Grant Fund

Since April of 2011 the WLSFA has learned a lot about the needs of people seeking financial assistance to have weight loss surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery after WLS. Many people need our full assistance, a grant that covers all expenses. Those people are addressed by our Grant Referral Program. There are others however who’s needs are not as large, they might need funds to cover a deductible, A Co Pay, a month of CORBA after loosing a job or funds to pay for minor items not covered by their insurance policy like a blood test or visit with a nutritionist. The WLSFA has created a fund that is for request’s of $1,000 or less that are time sensitive. People with an emergency need like these can contact the WLSFA and we will send them our Emergency Grant Forms. Because we rely on donations the emergency fund may not always be available but based on our hard work we will fund as many of these small grants as possible.

How can you help the WLSFA keep the emergency grant fund ready?

If you are a Weight Loss Surgery person or some one who supports them you can:

  • Become a member of this web site and receive the latest information from the WLSFA
  • Volunteer you time , knowledge or both by filling out our volunteer survey
  • Donate money directly to the cause

If you are a Bariatric or Plastic Surgeon or other WLS health care professional you can:

  • Donate Services or Money to the WLSFA
  • Please contact the WLSFA and we will send you details about our donation levels and what they offer.

NOTE: The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America is a 501 C 3 Charity

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