Vicki Funderburk of Columbia, SC Grant Recipient #15

I have been overweight all my life. I have struggled with all the popular diets out there. Yes, I have lost weight, but always would gain back more. It has been a never ending cycle. Several years ago, I heard about Lap-Band Surgery. I thought it was going to be the magic to my weight loss. I checked with my insurance and found out that they would not cover any procedure that was for weight loss, my friend, Betsy, offered at that time to help me financially pay for the surgery. Unfortunately, it never worked out. Fast forward to fall 2014, I again started talking about surgery but by this time had found out about gastric bypass. I talked to both my gynecologist and endocrinologist who both agreed, they thought this could be a good surgery for me. Insurance still won’t pay and I still do not have all the money needed for this procedure. Betsy suggested that I investigate support groups and foundations in South Carolina to see if there was funds to help with this procedure. That is when I found the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America. I contacted them to learn about their grant programs. I qualified for an emergency grant and Betsy was able to support the WLSFA with a donation that enable them to approve me for an emergency grant. I look forward to my surgery on April 27,2015 and know that my life will be changed forever.

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