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The film, which was crafted by BariatricTV, documents an emotional, complex, and powerfully moving story of morbidly obese identical twin sisters Rosemary and Connie. Rosemary was covered by insurance and her life was dramatically changed as a result of her weight loss surgery six years ago. Connie, desperately needing the weight loss surgery to improve her health, has been denied over and over again. The film illustrates the complexity of morbid obesity, the impact on a patient’s quality of life, and the struggle to escape it. Additionally, Connie is highlighted as the first-ever Inaugural Recipient of the Weight Loss Surgery Grant awarded by the WLSFA, made it finally possible for her to have weight loss surgery. Well Known Bariatric Surgeon and Author Dr. Garth Davis and Dr. Robert Davis of the Davis Medical Clinic in Houston Texas performed Connie’s surgery on March 23, 2011.


  1. I love it!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  2. What a fantastic depiction of the devastation associated with being obese, the hope that accompanies weight loss surgery, and the joy that comes from living a full, healthy life after surgery. Connie and Rosemary literally knew the pain they had both suffered as children from losing their father and subsequently being abused, and knew equally well the pain they experienced throughout their lives in relation to being obese. Although it’s sad that Connie wasn’t able to have her surgery until now, their unique situation provides an emotional, inspiring and important message to the rest of the world. Physicians and mental health professionals, as well as non-obese people have an opportunity to listen to the story of these sisters, to question personal prejudices they have about obese people, and learn how they can be part of the solution toward healthier living. Those who do suffer from obesity can draw strength from these women and collaborate with the many others who are putting time, effort and love into assisting the obese in finding ways toward a healthier, more fulfilling life. Thanks to all who put this film together, to WLFSA and to Connie and Rosemary.

  3. WoW! Pretty powerful! How cool is it that there is an organization that loves people enough to help them get a new life through WLS? Thank you to all who are helping to make this possible …. from a 6yr out WLS patient!

  4. As someone preparing to have the surgery in a couple of weeks, I can identify with some of the issues presented in the documentary. I am fortunate enough to have good insurance that is fully covering my surgery. Kudos to the WLSFA for working to help those that don’t!

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    We respect your privacy and when it is time to apply we will keep your information private as well.
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    Antonia Namnath

  6. Help! I weigh 345lbs at 5″5 and 32 years old. I am also the mother of 2 which keeps me pretty busy and extremely exhausted most of the time. For the past 10 years I worked as a preschool teacher which required that I spent most of my time on my feet or on the ground with my class. This year I had to quit due to the physical stress on my body. My knees constantly hurt and I have horrible heartburn constantly. My husband works for Wal-mart and they are well known for their insurance plan that excludes any kind of weight loss surgery. If you have any suggestions about where I should start could you please point me in the right direction . I am afraid that I will die this way. I attended a weigh loss seminar for St. Vincent Charity hospital in cleveland last month. They told me they would contact me concerning my insurance coverage, but just sent me a paper about the prices for each procedure per private payment .It feels like once they read that I had Walmart medical ( bcbs arkansas ) they were not willing to waste their time on me. I am afraid that by the time this surgery is available to a person in my position I will not be here to benefit from it. Please help me if you can!

    Thank You ,

    Mandy Maurer
    38285 North Lane L106
    willloughby, Ohio 44094.


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