Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America

Saving lives one grant at a time


One way you can help support the WLSFA is by becoming a member of our site. By signing up as a WLSFA Member you show the world that you support our cause. The more members we have, the more it shows surgeons, advertisers and others that this a cause that they should support.

So please take a moment and go register to be a member of the WLSFA. Once you have signed up, you can link directly to your profile by going to http://wlsfa.org/yourusername – for example you can find Antonia Namneth’s profile at http://wlsfa.org/anamnath.

Currently we have over 270 members on our original WLSNPO website. Unfortunately we can not transfer your membership to our new site for you, you will need to re-register here on the new site.

Updates By Email

If you would like to receive the latest news from the WLSFA via email, you can subscribe to our email notifications. You will receive a monthly update of recent posts and other occasional (about once a week) updates.

To sign up, just enter your name and email address in the form in the lower right corner of this page.

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