Support the WLSFA and protect yourself, your friends or your patients!  The WLSFA.ORG is proud to offer this important tool. Wearing the WLSFA branded Medical ID band raises awarness for our charity and connects our community members in a very special way!

ONLY $10.00 EACH! (Well below the MSRP price listed on the box of $19.95! )
Bariatric patients need to wear Medical ID. Engraved bracelets are limited in the information they can convey. Technology to the rescue! The WLSFA is offering Medical ID bands that can be read by emergency crews &  hospital staff. There is NO LIMIT to how much information you can store with your WLSFA Medical ID band and it is not just for bariatric patients it works for ANY and all medical information. It is up to YOU what you want emergency and medical personel to see if you are ever incapacitated.

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