Thank you for joining the WLSFA.ORG’s #TAKETHEOATH Challenge. Together we can help people understand  it is no longer OK to Fat Shame. Take the oath today and challenge your friends to do the same.
A word from WLSFA Ambasador of Hope Carnie Wilson and her daughters…

Four easy steps to make a difference!

1) Make a video. *Use a scale in the video. State the oath.

*Why feature a scale in the video?  The scale symbolizes the powerful effect fat shame and stigma has. People of all sizes dread the scale. BE CREATIVE!  The possibilities are endless. Stand on the scale, smash it with a hammer, throw it in a lake.  Show your freedom from the stigma of fat shame!


  • I choose to fight fat shame and bias with education
  • I choose to treat all people with empathy, compassion and respect
  • I choose to own the number on the scale without shame
  • I challenge three people to take the oath (state three names)

2) Upload the video to social media and tag the people you challenged 

3) Paste this text with the video 
Go to http://www.wlsfa.org/oath  #TAKETHEOATH to end fat shame and obesity stigma.

4) Add the #TAKETHEOATH Flag to your social media profiles

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WLSFA Mission Statement: 

Empowering people to move from surviving to thriving through weight loss surgery, education and support. Performing charitable services and support research to find solutions to enhance the  life of the morbidly obese community. Raising awareness and funds for surgery.

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