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Celebrate’s Mission
The mission of Celebrate Bariatric Supplements is to provide the most effective and complete supplement protocol for surgical weight loss patients at an affordable price. Within our protocol, we will strive to reduce patient confusion through education and functional tools. We will maintain a commitment to continuous efforts related to the development of products that will:
Enhance patients’ health.
Reduce pill intake without sacrificing health.
Taste great!
Provide options.
Reduce patient expense.
Make the patient feel great!

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Celebrate launched Celebrate Assist in 2014 as an official program of the WLSFA
Celebrate Assist is a program sponsored by Celebrate Vitamins in conjunction with the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA) in an effort to assist WLS patients defray the cost of supplementation when faced with financial hardship. This program contains two components. One is designed to assist patients that are dealing with temporary financial issues, and the second is to assist with patients in fixed low-income household.

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