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Omega-3 is an essential nutrient that nearly every American needs more of (90% of Americans are deficient). Proven to promote heart health and brain function and lessen inflammation, Omega-3 is an important way to improve, protect and boost health.
Coromega Omega3 Squeeze is not a pill but instead it is a Squeeze pouch that packs 650mg of Omega-3 fish oil into a delicious citrus smoothie flavor Squeeze packet. It’s great to squeeze directly into the mouth, a smoothie or in yogurt and many people describe the taste and texture much like a creamy “dreamsicle”.
What makes Coromega the best and most advanced Omega-3?
• 300% better absorption, clinically proven. Did you know that fish oil is difficult for the body to absorb and that most Americans are deficient in Omega-3. Our emulsified formula is clinically proven to have a 300% better absorption than regular softgels. Why take pills if much of this essential nutrient is not being absorbed?!
• Coromega delivers a full daily dose in one Squeeze vs. two to four softgels. Coromega delivers 650mg of Omega-3 per Squeeze as recommended by the National Institute of Health.
• Coromega is delicious and easy to take! Many people stop taking their fish oil because of unpleasant fish burps. Our emulsified formula digests easily and has a wonderful citrus flavor that makes taking your Omega-3 more of a treat than a chore.
• Coromega is third party tested and molecularly distilled for purity. Coromega’s purity is guaranteed with the highest quality, pure fish oil (wild caught, deep water small fish) that’s molecular distilled and third-party tested, and is produced and packaged by our dedicated team in Vista, California.

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