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Pharmics Ferretts IPSWe are excited to participate in the WLSFA Meet & Greet in Las Vegas. We have attended events for the bariatric professionals and have had a great response to our unique iron supplements, so we are extremely excited to have a chance to meet with the people who truly need a better option of iron supplements.Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia are leading nutritional problems both in the United States and throughout the world.

Facts about iron*:

The primary role of iron relates to the ability of red blood cells to adequately carry oxygen for use throughout the entire body.To prevent fatigue, iron is needed by the body to make hemoglobin rich blood, which transports oxygen to the cells. Iron is needed for ATP production, which is essential for cellular energy and proper cell function. Replace losses due to increased physical activity (exercise). Iron is lost through sweat and through bleeding of the digestive tract from the jarring motion of exercise. Pediatric – Iron is essential during the first eight months for brain growth. The effects of anemia may be associated with developmental delays in both motor and cognitive abilities.
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