River to Ridge Relay Race in Salem on Sept 16th, 2018 

A fundraiser for the PNW Chapter of the WLSFA

PNW Chapter Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA) Co-Presidents Darla Black and Melissa Gomez are Weight Loss Surgery patients and can testify to the dramatic life changing impact of surgery and weight loss.

”We have lived most of our adult lives as 300+ lb women. At 5 and 4 years post weight loss surgery we maintain healthy weight and have done things such as captaining a Portland to Coast Relay walking team, kayaking, hiking and biking around Oregon. We will be participating in the River to Ridge Relay Race in Salem on Sept 16th, 2018. This event is SUPER special to both of us as we never thought in our younger adult lives that we could even begin to accomplish such a feat. We are taking pledges to support the WLSFA Pacific Northwest Chapter and raising awareness of obesity prevention efforts and how surgery can so profoundly impact lives.”

Monies raised will go towards a surgery grant for someone that resides in the Pacific Northwest. The WLSFA motto is “Saving Lives One Grant at a Time” and since 2010 have provided 25 grants.  

Please consider partnering with Darla and Melissa today to help “Save a life…one grant at a time” and make a difference in the life of someone in the PNW.


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