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This is our challenge to you: Help us save lives and raise awareness for the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America, because together we are: “Saving Lives One Grant at a Time”​

Orlando Here We Come …

We are so excited to bring you the 2019 Tour of Hope. This year is not like any other … Bill Streetman will be riding his bike over 340 miles, from Savannah, GA to Orlando, FL.  He is being followed by Dawn Hurlebaus, Owner of Slimpressions, and her dog Lily with their camper. They will be going Facebook Live every day so you can follow Bill on his journey too!   Donate to the Tour of Hope and sign the huge banner that will be on the back of the camper! You don’t want to miss this!

The Tour of Hope is dedicated to:

  • Raising awareness of the epidemic of obesity, Highlighting the promise of weight loss surgery,
  • Raising funds for surgery grants on behalf of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA).
  • This year the ride will follow the Atlantic Ocean along the Georgia and Florida coast, before turning and heading into Orlando.
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Watch Celebrate Vitamin's Facebook Live Featuring Bill Streetman and the Tour of Hope

About Bill

The ride is being planned and led by Bill Streetman, a 9 year WLS (RNY) patient and member of the WLSFA Board of Directors.  Bill had gastric bypass on October 4th of 2010.  His weight at the time of surgery was 404 pounds.

Today Bill weighs in at a healthy 200 pounds and regularly participates in kickboxing, high intensity interval training, kettle bell, and weight lifting, as well as bike riding, skiing and hiking activities.

Bill is a regular speaker at weight loss and WLS conferences, a frequent blogger on the topic of healthy lifestyles and weight loss after WLS, and has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America.

In 2017 Bill was recognized as the Male BariAthlete of the Year.

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Help promote the Tour of Hope by becoming a sponsor!

Gain access to 10’s of thousands of people actively engaged in losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.  Be associated with Bill Streetman, the 2017 Male BariAthlete of the Year.

Fans of the TOH:  $25
Name on TeeShirt and on Facebook page

Fans of the TOH:  $40
Name on TeeShirt , Facebook page AND get a ride TeeShirt

Friend of the TOH:  $250
Gets: Medium sized Ad (name/logo/link) on TOH webpage, daily (during ride) group “commercial” for Friends by Bill

Patron of the TOH:  $500
Gets: Name/Logo on TeeShirt, Big Ad (name/logo/link) on TOH webpage and TOH Facebook page, daily (during ride) individual “commercials” for each Patron by Bill

Members of the weight loss surgery community purchase products and services related to nutrition and exercise. They are extremely loyal to the companies they believe take an active interest in their journey to a better life. And because the weight loss surgery journey is life-long, customers made now will stay with you forever.  To find out more, please contact Bill Streetman at:

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The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America is a 501(c) 3 Nonprofit Organization. We have earned the Guide Stars Platinum Seal of Transparency. The WLSFA is a 100% Volunteer Organization with no paid executives or staff. We are fellow weight loss surgery patients, paying it forward since 2010.

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