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Striving to bring awareness of obesity and the desperate need for life-saving surgeries.

Fund Raising

Donations and participation in our annual events help save lives, one grant at a time.


Working to save lives, we thrive together.


Affiliation with speakers, authors, and exhibitors provide valuable education to our community.

Our Mission

The WLSFA brings hope to those afflicted with the disease of obesity through raising funds to provide weight loss surgeries for those who are in need – changing lives from barely surviving to thriving!


2020 Grant Recipients 

I am so much better. I even appreciate the small things like crossing my legs, picking up items, tying my shoes, or putting them on. I have less pain from my MS. You guys are truly life savers. My blood pressure readings are normal. Thank you sooo sooo much! Blessing to all!” ~ Sandra

Sandra Terry

2020 Grant Recipient, 12/21/20 - 2/20/21

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Upcoming Events



Stomp Out Obesity Annual 5K Fundraiser

Participate in the Annual WLSFA Stomp Out Obesity Virtual 5K Fundraiser in 2021!

All participants receive a shirt and medal!

Official dates are September 12 – September 19, 2021. If you prefer to do it sooner or later that’s okay too!

The beauty of a virtual 5K race is that you can run the race at your pace wherever you choose. You can walk, run, or use a treadmill.  More Details



WLSFA National Conference in Las Vegas 2022

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA.ORG) invites you to join us at the Westin Lake Las Vegas March 11-13th, 2022. Your participation at this annual fundraiser allows the WLSFA to make a difference in the lives of people with no access to the medical treatment with the need to overcome the disease of obesity. The money raised at this event will fund grants and save lives! Together we can look forward to an event that will be life changing for attendees and those that benefit from the gathering most – our Grant Recipients.  More Details

The greatest source of hope and help comes from the compassion of people who themselves were hostage to the diseases of morbid obesity.  

Antonia Namnath - Founder


No Going Back

The Consideration of WLS Three years prior to this date, I was looking into having weight loss surgery, but ultimately I changed my mind and did not...

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WLSFA Grant Process

The video answers frequently asked questions. After watching the video please use the “Contact Us” button on our web site to let us know if you have...

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