Jon Ferrell Memorial

Grant Award

This grant was awarded to Scott Dilts. Thank you for helping to Save A Life!

The previous days have been gloomy and rain filled.  Yesterday, the sun broke through the clouds.  The sun had the most amazing warmth, brightness and love.  I do believe this to be a sign from dear sweet Jon, letting us know he had completed his journey up to heaven.  He was letting us know his pain and his struggles were over and he was at peace.  Today the rain keeps mocking our emotions “tears”…. we grieve.  We will miss sweet Jon something fierce, but our love for him is eternal!

Julie Paschali, Jon’s Beloved Aunt

Laura Van Tuyl

Laura Van Tuyl

CEO and President of the WLSFA

Recently, I had a conversation with a woman who buried a beloved son of hers, Jonathan Ferrell, in May of 2019.  He lost his struggle with obesity at the young age of 34.  In 2013, obesity was determined and recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a chronic disease – defining obesity as a disease should spur physicians and patients — and insurers— to regard it as a serious medical issue. One in three Americans are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control in June, 2013. But has it made a difference? Thousands of people afflicted with this disease are not covered by insurance and will be buried alongside the memory of Jon Ferrell.  

As Jon’s mom and I spoke, with tears in my eyes, I thought of the many applicants who are denied simply because we do not have sufficient funds to grant the needed surgeries each year.  Families, like Jon’s will lose a cherished and loved son or daughter.  Men and women will leave behind their children, their spouses and life-long partners without surgery.  At his memorial service people were encouraged to give in his name to the WLSFA despite not being a WLS patient.  Unfortunately, he lost his battle with the disease of obesity before he could receive the gift of weight loss surgery.   After searching for places where funds would best be used, Jon’s mother designated the WLSFA  as the charity for friends and family to donate in his honor.  The WLSFA, along with Jon’s mom,  have established a grant award in memory of Jon.  

I am asking you to give hope to the many who are in desperate need of surgery through your donation in honor of Jonathan Ferrell. Please donate to the WLSFA grant program so that Jonathan Ferrell’s name will live on as a reminder to those who have lost the battle, as he did.  As a donor, you will be a partnering with the WLSFA and Jon’s family in saving lives…one grant at a time.  We all weep with Jon’s mom, Cheryl, because we are a community made up of those who might have lost the battle with obesity if it had not been for the gift of weight loss surgery. 

Giving to WLSFA is a gift that gives back, and you can feel good about donating because 100% of our funds go directly to our cause.

With your generous charitable giving, we can continue saving lives, one grant at a time!