Applying for a Grant


Accepting Applications:

September 1st – December 31st, 2019

Watch a Message From the Founder About Our Grant Process

Grants Awarded

Step 1 

Candidate Qualification


  • You are a patient of a “Center of Excellence” bariatric surgeon and practice.
  • You have been referred to the WLSFA by a surgeon to apply for a grant via the Refer Your Patient Form.  
  • You have been medically approved for bariatric surgery.
  • You are exempt from coverage for bariatric surgery by your insurance or have been denied coverage of bariatric surgery or have no medical insurance.

YOU DO NOT HAVE A QUALIFIED SURGEON WHO CAN REFER? Locate a Local Surgeon and ask if they are familiar with the WLSFA Grant Program or Contact Us.  


Refer a Patient 

Request Application

Step 2

Request an Application 


To apply for a WLSFA Grant, first watch the video from the funder above, then yu may request an application and checklist of necessary documentation you need to provide.

NOTE: To be considered you must be referred to the WLSFA Grant Program by a qualified surgeon. A written referral letter from the surgeon’s office is not acceptable. The Surgeon Referral Form must be completed.

Once we receive that you will be sent an application.

Contact us for more details.

Step 3

Selection Process


Grant awards are selected on a competitive basis by submission of an official grant application. It is reviewed and evaluated by the WLSFA Grant Selection Committee. Finalists are presented to and selected by the Board of Directors. All decisions are final.

Awards are announced yearly at the WLSFA Making a Difference annual fundraiser.


Contact us 

The Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America is a 501(c)3 Charity. All grants are funded based on funds available in the year cycle. There is no guarantee you will receive a grant if applying.


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