National Making a Difference Conference 

The bariatric community spoke and the WLSFA Board of Directors listened.

The 2023 Making a Difference Conference is going to The Big Easy!

New Orleans, Louisiana

About the Conference 


Join Us in New Orleans!

April 21st – 23rd, 2023!

At a WLSFA Bariatric Patient Conference you can expect to celebrate your health with your peers. Whether you have had surgery or are somewhere in the process, or you are celebrating with someone on their WLS journey, there is something for you and you will gain education, inspiration, confidence, and support. You will walk away inspired, motivated and with a larger support system than you started with. Come and be a part of change, gain knowledge from experienced professionals, and enjoy non-scale victories right at the conference. It’s a time for sharing and caring, living and learning and lifting up the entire bariatric community.


You may have been to many bariatric meetings and conventions, so why is the WLSFA Making a Difference Bariatric Patient Conference one that you must not miss?

Here are some great reasons:

  • We strive to provide an intimate environment that is conducive to discussions and interactions that will prove satisfying and beneficial to you.
  • We structure the schedule to include quality time and interaction with our audience.
  • We locate the session rooms close to the exhibit area.
  • We include places for people to gather casually in the exhibit area to further promote interaction.
  • We plan networking opportunities at receptions and outdoor activities between our speakers, attendees, and commercial supporters.
  • We are a 100% volunteer led 501 C3 and all of our profits go towards funding weight loss surgery grants which gives you a part in helping to save a life through your exhibitor and sponsor fees.
  • We partner together with you to provide life-saving weight loss surgeries.

Join us today and let’s make a difference!

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Saving Lives, One Grant at Time!

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