Board of Directors 

Laura Van Tuyl - President and CEO

Laura Van Tuyl has been a member of WLSFA since 2010 and a board member since 2011, and the president and CEO since 2019. She is actively involved in her local support groups since her April 2003 weight loss surgery, and has led a peer support group in Portland, Oregon for the last 10 years. During her years as a WLSFA board member, Laura has helped to coordinate the organization’s annual fundraising conferences, directed the Stomp Out Obesity Virtual 5Ks and has overseen the development of the online social media platform.

“I am committed to helping others thrive along their life journey,” Laura said. “I now lead an amazing team of board members who share with me in the mission of the WLSFA.”

Sandi Henderson - Vice President and Secretary

Sandi Henderson became active in helping others at informational seminars and support groups through her doctor’s practice in Southern California shortly following her own weight loss surgery in 2004. Now a bariatric weight loss coach, educator and support group leader, she has facilitated support groups throughout the country and has lobbied Congress to advocate on behalf of weight loss surgery patients. Henderson learned about WLSFA in 2011 and attended her first Meet and Greet the following year. She’s served on the board since 2012 and as vice president and secretary since 2019.

“This post WLS life is my passion . . . I  attended my first Meet & Greet in 2012 and have been passionate about bringing this gift of a second chance at life to those who need it and cannot afford it ever since.” –Sandi Henderson


Cleo Savala - Treasurer and CFO

Cleo Savala has served on the WLSFA board of directors since 2015 and, in 2019, was named Treasurer and CFO. Having watched her mother’s success as a weight loss surgery patient, Savala originally had a gastric band procedure in June 2010 and underwent a revision surgery in 2016, opting this time for a Roux-en-Y bypass.

I take great personal pride in the fact that I have the opportunity to affect change and help others in the process. …I look forward to meeting more members of the WLS community, fellow weight loss surgery patients, while working together to make a difference and ‘saving lives one grant at a time.’” – Cleo Savala

Bill Streetman - Public Relations

Bill Streetman took his life back after choosing to undergo RNY bypass surgery. He once again enjoys the sports and physical activity he loved growing up and into his 20s—and was even named the 2017 male BariAthlete of the Year by the WLSFA. Having joined WLSFA in 2017, Streetman founded the Tour of Hope, a weeklong bike ride that raises money for the organization. 

“My new life has been possible because I was able to afford my WLS. I want those who need WLS . . . but who cannot afford to pay for it themselves … to be able to receive the same life-saving tool that has helped me change my life.” –Bill Streetman

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