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Weight Loss Surgery and a  Servants Heart

Weight Loss Surgery and a Servants Heart

FORWARD: Barb G. Begy Lee, a Weight Loss Surgery friend from Canada, has been sharing her, now eight-year, WLS Journey with people from all walks of life.  Barb made the following presentation at a bariatric surgery orientation.  Read how she weaves the...

Obesity and Covid-19

Obesity and Covid-19

The Covid-19 epidemic is upon us.  Every day brings new stories of people who have contracted the illness and those who have recovered, or sadly, perished from it.  Civic leaders and medical professionals are scrambling to develop methods and means...

Sleep Quality and Weight Management

Sleep Quality and its Impact on Weight Management, Quality of Life, and Wellness Feel like you’re not getting enough sleep at night — and suffering as a result? It’s not just you. About a third of adults in the United States experience a chronic lack of sleep,...

WLSFA Introduces Tour of Hope Fundraiser with Bill Streetman

Weight Loss Surgery Patient Mr. Bill Streetman launches his “Tour of Hope” fundraising bicycle ride across Michigan and Ohio. The best part is YOU are invited along! The WLSFA is asking all of our supporters to join Bill in person as a rider or online as a donor to...

Meet Sandi Henderson

Meet Sandi Henderson, member of the Board of Directors for the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA), co-author of a successful WLS cookbook, and co-founder of WLS Success Matters and Banded Living. Sandi is also a member of the WLSFA Board Executive...

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