Twitter connects surgeon and patient resulting in the 20th Grant for the WLSFA

jillsurgerydayjune2016Almost one year ago Jill Calhoun was searching for financial help to get life saving bariatric surgery. She found the WLSFA and was instructed she must be refered to apply for a grant by her surgeon. The problem was Jill did not have a bariatric surgeon. Jill used social media to plead her case and to find a surgeon who might help her realize her dream of overcoming morbid obesity, a disease that kills thousands of Americans each year. Dr. Rachel Moore (@rachelmooremd) received a tweet from Jill and the rest is history. Dr. Moore referred Jill to the WLSFA grant program. In May of this year Jill was awarded a grant for weight loss surgery funded by donations from hundreds of fellow weight loss surgery patients, contributions from medical professionals and sponsorships from industry partners. Jill’s surgery was today June 8,2016.

“We are so honored to welcome Dr. Rachel Moore and Moore Metabolics into our Network of Care. Without the contribution of dedicated surgeons like Dr. Rachel Moore the WLSFA could not realize our mission to Save Lives One Grant at a Time We ask all bariatric surgeon to consider referring their patients in need. Until the medical treatment of obesity is covered by all insurance policies, the WLSFA will continue to award grants to help those who have no access to the medical care they so desperately need.” ~ Antonia Namnath Founder and CEO of the WLSFA.

Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Rachel Moore

Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Rachel Moore

“Jill saw me online and knew that access to care for obesity treatment is one of my passions. We actually first connected on twitter where she sent me a direct message and asked if I would be willing to help her apply for a WLSFA grant. That initial effort and enthusiasm has continued through her preoperative evaluation. We are thrilled to help such a deserving young lady!”
” Millions of Louisianians do not have insurance coverage for any kind of obesity treatment (medical or surgical). I have been advocating for change in Baton Rouge both with legislators and insurers with no improvement yet. The WLSFA is a wonderful opportunity for me to help patients who could not otherwise receive treatment.” ~ Dr. Rachel Moore

Health reporter Meg Farris(@megfarrisWWL) of WWL TV in New Orleans paid a visit with Jill Calhoun just before surgery. We will post links to her story as it unfolds on WWL TV. They will be following Jill’s progress this year.

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WLSFA Grant Process

The video answers frequently asked questions. After watching the video please use the “Contact Us” button on our web site to let us know if you have additional questions. CLICK HERE to read more details and access resources to help you apply for a grant.
The video answers questions like:


  • Who qualifies to apply for a grant?
  • My insurance does not cover the surgery I need can I apply?
  • I do not have insurance can I apply?
  • When can I apply? What is the deadline?
  • Where do I get an application to apply?
  • How do I submit an application?
  • My doctor is not on your list can I still apply?
  • How long does it take to be approved for a grant?
  • If I apply will I get a grant?

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