The WLSFA Tour of Hope is an annual bicycle ride dedicated to:

  • Raising awareness of the epidemic of obesity, and showing by my example, that you are never too old to escape the prison of obesity,
  • Visiting local WLS surgeons and practices, WLS hospitals, and WLS support groups along the route.
  • Generating local events and mass & social media awareness to raise grant funds for the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA) and promote and market the WLS resources of the local surgeon/practice, hospital, etc.

The 2022 Tour of Hope 6 – Ride to Defeat Obesity, will take place Tuesday, September 13th through Tuesday the 20th.  The ride will focus on visiting and highlighting the WLS resources of three large metro areas: Columbus, Cleveland, and Detroit (see map), with visits planned to various WLS surgeons, centers of excellence, support groups, etc. (see chart), by generating press/coverage in both mass and social media.

Eight Days of Riding * 423 Miles * Three Metro Areas

Five Weight Loss Centers

Tuesday, September 13 – Wednesday, September 20

Tour founder and lead rider – Bill Streetman
RNY Oct 2010 SW – 404 CW – 170

3 Ways You can Save a Life by helping the Tour of Hope

1. Donate to the Tour of Hope

Your contribution will help the WLSFA fund a weight loss surgery grant for someone referred by a doctor to life-saving WLS, but who has neither the funds nor the insurance to cover the cost. Click HERE to donate. Be sure to ‘Dedicate’ your donation to the TOH.

2. Follow the Tour of Hope

Follow the daily progress of the Tour of Hope as the ride progresses from Columbus to Cleveland to Ann Arbor to Detroit – all on Facebook <l I n k >. Watch the Meet and Greet at various WLS centers along the ride route. Meet WLS surgeons and their staff.

3. Share the Tour of Hope

Share the daily TOH reports and updates with your friends and family. Show them how the WLS community celebrates escaping obesity… get them all to donate to the cause… by sharing TOH updates on your social media.

2022 Tour Schedule

Schedule     StartEndMiles
Ride Day 1Tuesday, September 13, 2022ColumbusGambier54
Ride Day 2Wednesday, September 14, 2022GambierWooster53
Ride Day 3Thursday, September 15, 2022WoosterCleveland57
Ride Day 4Friday, September 16, 2022ClevelandNorwalk57
Ride Day 5Saturday, September 17, 2022NorwalkPerrysburg58
Ride Day 6Sunday, September 18, 2022PerrysburgAnn Arbor57
Ride Day 7Monday, September 19, 2022Ann ArborMt Clemens62
Ride Day 8Tuesday, September 20, 2022Mt ClemensSouthfield25

2022 Tour Stops (planned)

System/Surgeon Day/Date 
Ohio HealthMonday Sept 12, all-day
ColumbusTuesday Sept 13, mid/late afternoon, early evening
Dr Sonnanstine(Haven’t made contact yet to set up a meeting)
University HospitalThursday Sept 15, mid/late afternoon, early evening
ClevelandFriday Sept 16, morning, mid-morning
Anna HazinakisMeet up being organized
Michigan HealthSunday Sept 18, mid/late afternoon, evening
Ann ArborMonday Sept 19, morning
Colleen Buda(Haven’t made contact yet to set up a meeting)
McClaren HealthMonday Sept 19, mid/late afternoon, evening
Mt ClemensTuesday Sept 20, morning, mid-morning
Dr PestaMeet up being organized
Ascension HealthTuesday Sept 20, afternoon, evening
SouthfieldWednesday Sept 21, all-day
Dr SabirMeet up being organized

Previous Tours

  • 2015 TOH – Westerville, OH to Raleigh, NC 525 Miles
  • 2016 TOH – Westerville, OH to Gaylord, MI 428 Miles
  • 2017 TOH – Seattle, WA to Portland, OR 311 Miles
  • 2018 TOH – Frisco, TX to San Antonio, TX 365 Miles
  • 2019 TOH – Savannah, GA to Orlando, FL 323 Miles
  • 2020 TOH – Canceled due to Covid
  • 2021 TOH – Canceled due to Health
  • 2022 TOH – Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit 423 Miles
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